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Borgvattnet 760

Status: Former Vicarage, Hostel; Rooms or the entire hostel can be booked for paranormal investigations.


Paranormal History

The vicarage was built in 1876 and remained unremarkable into the 20th century.

The first mention of a ghost is a letter from 1927 written by Chaplain Nils Hedlund who was living in the vicarage. In the 1930’s the next Chaplain mentioned seeing the ghost of a woman in the house.

In the 1940’s strange sounds and objects moving on their own was reported. In 1941 a woman awoke in a guest room and saw 3 women sitting on a couch staring at her. When she turned the lights on the women remained but seemed almost blurry. Two of the women had their hands in their laps and one of was knitting. She watched the ghosts until she fell back asleep.

All three women appeared sad and one of the women looked remarkably like the female ghost seen in the 1930’s.

In 1945 the Chaplain residing in the house brought his rocking chair into the vicarage. He was unable to sit in the chair for more than a few moments before being thrown out of it by an unseen presence.

In 1950 the house was opened to the public for those brave enough to stay in Sweden’s most haunted house.

In 1981 Tore Forslund a “ghostbuster” priest who waged a personal war against the occult promised he would rid the town of the ghosts in the rectory. He failed and soon left the Church of Sweden completely.

In 2018 Laxton Ghost Sweden took over ownership of the hostel.


Current Paranormal Activity

Everyone who is able to spend the night at the hostel receives a numbered certificate as proof.

Per the hostel’s website:

Staircase – shadow figures have been seen and people have been touched by unseen presences.

Main Hall – shadow figure in a hat moves around in this room

The Expedition – overwhelming feeling of being watched and feelings as if you’ve walked through someone

Pink Room – a baby is said to have been murdered here after a priest got a maid pregnant and locked her and the baby in this room. Phantom sounds of a baby screaming and crying are heard.

Receiving Room – only opened in 2020. Phantom footsteps are heard walking up to the bed and then away again.

Blue Room – blankets are pulled off of people in this room and the bedding is messed up by an unseen presence.

Room of the Crying Women – this is the room where the lady saw the ghosts of three ladies on the couch.

Yellow Room – the ghost of Princess Marta is seen here. She died in this room.

There is another building on the property called the Hostel and many believe it is more haunted than the former vicarage.

In the hallway on the upper heavy phantom footsteps are heard. Shadow figures are also seen as well as doors opening and closing on their own and feelings of not being alone.

In one of the upstairs rooms a female guest was woken by a dark figure who leaned over her bed and put its hands around her neck.


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