179 Main Street, Ashland, MA

(508) 881-1778

Status: Former Inn; Pub



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This structure was built in 1832 by John Stone who owned a lot of land in what was then called Unionville. He learned that a railroad was going to be built through the center of town so he built a hotel beside where the railroad would go through and called it the Railroad House.

John only ran the business for 2 years before leasing it to a number of others until his death in 1858. It was then bought in 1868 by a Mr WA Scott who continued the business.

As the decades went by the building began to show it’s age until in 1976 Leonard “Cappy” Fournier became the owner and began to restore it to it’s former glory. He’s also credited with being the first to investigate the paranormal activity.

It is now run as an Irish pub and has numerous very good reviews on multiple platforms.


Paranormal Activity

The building is said to be haunted by no less than 7 ghosts. One of whom it said to be Mr Stone himself who is/was described – both living and dead – as a very unpleasant man.

An investigation into the paranormal happenings in the 1980’s led to a story being discovered of a man being murdered – by John Stone himself – in a card game gone wrong. The man apparently was buried in the basement and while the floor was dug up it has not been released what was found.

Another of the ghosts is said to be a former chamber maid. The remaining ghosts are rumored to be male guests who managed to drink themselves to death over the years and are happy with an eternal afterlife in a bar.

Intense feelings of everything from mild unease to sheer fright have been described. One former manager had birdseed suddenly fall from the ceiling onto the floor. The water taps turn on by themselves and many customers have reported being tapped on the shoulder only to turn around and find no one there.