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Google Coordinates: 37.362433, 127.33474

South Korea

Status: Former Psychiatric Hospital; Formerly Abandoned, Completely Demolished

Korean haunted house4


It is rather difficult to get any real information about this location. It is heavily wrapped up in Urban Legends - especially so after an apparently quite scary “found footage” movie was released in 2018.

We could not even find an opening date for this hospital although it appears it was closed in 1995; probably some time in the late 1950’s after the Korean War ended. Legend will have you believe it was closed due to too many patient deaths or a mad doctor who experimented on the patients – which, admittedly, would be very frightening.

In truth this facility closed due to economic issues, unsanitary conditions and issues with sewage management. Apparently, the owner skipped the Country leaving behind no plans for the building or grounds. This left the hospital no choice but to close its doors.

From 1995 to 2018 the building was abandoned and averaged 1000 illegal visitors a year. These being urban explorers, ghost hunters and just plain thrill seekers.

In May of 2018 the building was completely demolished leaving only a large clearing in the trees. Its very doubtful that this coinciding with the release of the movie was a coincidence; especially considering the building’s owner tried to have the courts stop the movie release.


Paranormal Activity

Urban Legends really cloud the actual reports in this area.

CNN calls this location one of the freakiest on the planet.

First of all, even if there was a Room 402 - it being the most haunted is an Urban Legend - in the building it was no different that any of the other many rooms. No special paranormal activity has been reported in a room with this number; outside of the movie of course.

Reported activity both in the former building and on the grounds – both before and after the demolition – includes: Apparitions of former staff and patients, shadow figures, cold spots, unexplained breezes, unexplained mists, feelings of being followed, of not being alone and of not being wanted, light anomalies.

Also: Time slips, empathic feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness, manic and loneliness, touches, pulls and tugs from unseen presences, disembodied voices and whispers including having your name called out, unexplained sounds including footsteps, bangs, laughter, crying and screams, electrical disturbances and objects moving on their own and disappearing.


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