3635 Avenue Atwater, Montreal

(514) 937-2854

Status: Historical All Girls Catholic Private School Grades 7-12



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In 1800 Saint Madelaine Sophie Barat founded the Society of the Sacred Heart. In 1861 the first Sacred Heart School was opened in Montreal

In 1928 the school moved to it’s current location.

Unlike most views of 19th century education for young ladies – training them to become a good wife and mother or a nun – Sophie taught girls to become drivers of their own destiny, empowered and agents of social transformation. The school still follows these directives to this day and prides itself on graduating young ladies ready to take on our ever-changing world.

In 2021 the school celebrated it’s 160th anniversary.


Paranormal Activity

The school is built on top of the site of an old cemetery. It is unclear if any remains are still below the building or if the ghosts are either lost and/or upset due to their gravesites were moved. It is said that the walls around the school were made with the tombstones that once stood in the cemetery.

This school is very exclusive and entrance onto even the grounds is controlled. The reports of paranormal activity come from students and former students especially those who board(ed) in the building.

The legend of “Alice” has been passed down through the decades by the student body. She is said to be a young girl who was buried in the old cemetery; her ghost has haunted the grounds since the school’s current location was opened.

“Alice” is rarely seen – although her apparition has been sighted both on the grounds and (rarely) in the school. Rather whenever anything strange happens its blamed on the little girl.

Reports of “Alice” include: doors opening and closing on their own; sudden cold spots; phantom footsteps; electrical disturbances; unexplained mists; shadows where no shadow should be; light anomalies and feelings of being watched and not being alone.