8900 Archer Avenue (Willowbrook Ballroom – destroyed by fire) to 7201 Archer Avenue (Resurrection Cemetery), Justice, IL

Status: City Street; Legend; Phantom Hithiker emetery


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The Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, made famous by the story of Resurrection Mary.Date 8 September 2006 (original upload date)SourceSelf-photographedAuthorMrHarman at en.wikipedia


The legend of Resurrection Mary dates back to the 30′s when the first reports of encounters with her began to emerge. It begins on an evening some time in the early 30′s or late 20′s at a night club called the Oh Henry Ballroom (Willowbrook Ballroom) where Mary was dancing with her boyfriend.

At some point they had a fight and Mary decided she would rather walk home than get a drive from him. At some point in her walk along Archer Avenue she was hit by a car (that fled the scene) and left her to die in the ditch. She is said to be buried at Resurrection Cemetery that is also on Archer Avenue.

Since then, there have been at least 3 dozen substantiated reports of encounters with Mary and countless non-confirmed ones.

Mary has also been linked to other clubs in the Chicago area where she has been picked up by cab. Some researchers have linked her to Mary Bregovy who died in a car accident on The Loop in Chicago in 1934 – curiously the grave of Ms. Bregovy lists her death year as 1922. Others say she’s Anna “Marja” Norkus who died in a car accident while coming home from the Oh Henry Ballroom in 1927.

All reports indicate the apparition of Mary is dressed in a white party dress, has blue eyes and light blonde hair.

Paranormal Activity

Many drivers and cabs have reported picking up a girl with light blond hair, blue eyes and wearing a white party dress (most commonly on Archer Ave but she has been spotted in other places). She has often been reported wearing a light shawl and carrying a small clutch purse and her dancing shoes. Generally, she is reported to be very quiet until passing the Cemetery.

She gets in the car after waving it down for a ride and when the driver passes Resurrection Cemetery, she cries out for them to stop. She exits the car and then runs into the Cemetery and disappears. At least one cab driver is reported to have come into the bar across the street looking for the woman who stiffed him on his fare.

Mary also has been seen walking along the road in front of the cemetery and has repeatedly run in front of cars traveling on the road only to disappear completely when the driver stops. There have often been reports, as well, of Mary leaving a car without opening any doors.

There is also at least one report of her asking a driver to stop elsewhere on Archer Avenue and pointing to the side of the road saying, “there; it happened to me there” before disappearing. All that was beside the road in that location was an old broken-down shack.

Famous Encounters with Mary

In 1939 Jerry Palus met a girl at the Liberty Grove and Hall (not the Willowbrook Ballroom) who he believed was Mary. He danced with her and they even kissed before she asked him for a ride to her home on Archer Ave. She exited the car at Resurrection Cemetery and vanished.

In 1973 Mary is said to have been seen at Harlow’s Nightclub on Chicago’s southwest side. That same year a cabbie entered the bar across from the Cemetery looking for the young girl who fled his cab.

In August of 1976 it is said that Mary grasped the bars of the cemetery gates and burned them. The cemetery administration firmly denies this saying the burn marks were caused by a truck. They also firmly deny the existence of any ghost.

In 1979 a young girl described as a real looker with blonde hair was picked up by a cab at a shopping center on Archer Avenue.

In 1976, 1978, 1980 and 1989 there were numerous reports of a young girl matching Mary’s description running in front of cars in front of the Cemetery. Drivers say they nearly hit her but she always vanishes before they can get out of their cars.

To this day Mary is still seen on the side of Archer Avenue frequently looking distraught. If you’re male – Mary has never asked a woman for a ride – and very lucky; she will flag you down and ask for a ride.

Would you grant her wish?