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Coates Mental Health Center

(Anna State Hospital)(Southern Hospital for the Insane)

1000 North Main Street, Anna, IL

(618) 833-5161

Status: Historical Asylum; Operational Psychiatric Hospital


Construction on this insane asylum – then known as the Southern Hospital For The Insane – began in 1869 and the north wing was opened in 1875 at a cost of $22,000 ($627,000 in 2024 dollars).

It was originally on a 290 acre (117.5 hectares) site.

Within the next few years the rest of the hospital was built in the Kirkbride style.

Three fires in 1881, 1894 and 1895 did catastrophic damage to the main building and hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent rebuilding it.

Once considered a state of the art facility for the treatment of the mentally ill this facility fell into the plagues that all similar hospitals at the time did: namely overcrowding and lack of funds.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries about 20% of the patients died – compared to 36% being declared cured and released – and were buried in unmarked graves in the hospital cemetery. Since 1939 markers have been put up for the more recently buried patients.

This facility is still open – although very little of the original main building is left – and is still treating the mentally ill. There have been numerous complaints of patients being abused and staff lying to State investigators.

It is claimed only 3% of the complaints were found to be valid.


Paranormal Activity

One patient complained about being attacked by a devil dog while in a room alone. When the orderly unlocked the door, the patient was found completely alone but covered in scratches.

Apparitions and faces looking in the windows have been reported by many patients and visitors. Outside; apparitions are also seen on the grounds – especially in the cemetery – as well as the same ghostly faces are seen but looking out instead of into the buildings.

The tunnels beneath the institution are said to be very active. People have been touched by unseen entities and it is said you are never alone in the tunnels.

Other reported activity: shadow figures; phantom footsteps; disembodied voices, crying and laughter; strong empathic feelings of being oppressed and feelings of being watched and not being alone.



(907) 983-2222

Status: Former Brothel; Seasonal; Saloon; Museum; Tourist Attraction; Famous Haunted Location; Ghost/Historical Tours Available



First built in 1898 as a brothel to provide female company for the Klondike miners who could afford it.

The second floor was used for entertaining “gentlemen” with each lady of the night represented by a doll so the customer could pick to their personal tastes. The dolls were laid out on the bar if that particular lady was working.

When the lady was actually “working” her doll was laid down and then brought back to a seated position when she was available for a new customer.

The second floor is still exactly as it was – although there is no longer any adult entertainment available – but it now a museum showing the brothel as it was.

The first floor was a bar, dance hall and hosted live events. This floor hasn’t changed much except no dancing and there’s also food available as well as more than just whiskey and water.

There is no better location in the 21st century where you can feel like you’ve stepped back into the Klondike than the Red Onion.


Paranormal Activity

This location fully embraces it’s paranormal activity and even offers ghost tours.

The most well known and famous ghost is that of Lydia; a former Madame of the brothel. It is commonly accepted she hung herself in the corner of her old room – where she most commonly appears – after contracting syphilis.

Her apparition often appears with marks on her face that; ladies of the night were often scared on their faces by people showing they were diseased and unclean which ended the only way they had to mke money..

Lydia most often announces her presence with a smell of lilacs and phantom footsteps on the second floor.

Lydia also waters the plants in the building. Plants have been found with damp soil that haven’t been water by anyone alive in the recent past.

Lydia’s apparition – which is usually very translucent - generally appears in her old room but she has been seen throughout the building. She does have a history – probably well deserved – of being hostile towards some men.

One night there was such apparent chaos on the second floor the police were called. When they arrived a shadowy figure ran into a room that just happened to be the Madame’s room when the brothel was operating. The room was found to be completely empty.

This was thought to be Lydia’s ghost.

Lydia often caresses people’s faces that she likes.

She often appears as an orb, or blue mist or the faint outline of her face in people’s photos taken on site.

The lesser known and decidedly less friendly ghost at the Red Onion is John. He is thought to have been a bouncer who was stabbed to death by a lady of the night who got fed up with his constant harassment.

He generally announces his presence with the over bearing scent of body odor. Although he is more known for pushing people on the stairs and throwing open doors to reveal staff in the process of changing.

Team Experiences

While we were not lucky enough to see Lydia's apparition we defintely felt her presence. The second floor of the building contains large amounts of etheric energy; especially in the hallway. All of the photos above that were taken inside are from the second floor some showing strange light phenomena.Very faint feminine whispers were also heard.

Power County Hospital

(Harms Memorial Hospital)

510 Roosevelt Street, American Falls, ID

(208) 226-3200

Status: Operational Hospital/Long Term Care Facility


This hospital is the third one built in American Falls. The first one – built by the Mennonite Church – was flooded when the dam was built and the second was abandoned when the costs to update it surpassed the costs of building a new hospital.

The building used as the second hospital is now used as the County Museum/Office and Youth Center.

The cost of the third hospital was split half and half by the County taxpayers and the Federal Government.

This final incarnation opened in 1961 with 18 long term care beds and 16 hospital beds with room for expansion.

In the early 1980s the hospital name was changed to Harms Memorial after a doctor who served the area for 40 years. He was reported to have delivered over 3,000 babies.

In 1999 the hospital became a Critical Care Hospital allowing for more access to Federal money.

In 2010 the County Commissioners voted to change the name back to Power County Hospital in honor of the 100th anniversary of when the first hospital opened.

Between 2017 and 2023 the facility underwent an almost $15 million dollar expansion and modernization.


Paranormal Activity

Although all hospitals are haunted to a certain degree – after all most people enter and exit life in a hospital – this one stands out for it’s level of paranormal activity while still operating. Its unclear why that is so.

The apparition of a doctor who is associated with the phantom smell of cigar smoke has been seen many times. Photos of Dr Harms himself show him with a pipe in his hand so perhaps pipe smoke is being mistaken for cigar smoke and this is the ghost of the man himself.

Apparitions of identifiable elderly residents who have recently passed away in the facility have been seen.

The apparition of a tall man is reported in the hospital’s main entrance. He seems to be looking for someone or something. Some believe this is the ghost of Dr Harm making sure everyone is working to the best of their ability in the hospital he spent his life in.

Nurse call buttons go off in empty rooms and in rooms where the patients are physically unable to press the button themselves. Admittedly, this is probably the most common paranormally activity in all haunted hospitals abandoned or operational.

Other reported activity: fast movement caught in your peripheral vision when nothing can be seen directly; shadow figures; objects disappearing; disembodied voices, whispers and laughter; light anomalies; unexplainable breezes and temperature changes and feelings of being watched by unseen entities.

River Manor

(Old Victoria General Hospital)

424 River Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

Status: Former Hospital; Residential Multi-Complex


This building – now an apartment complex – is the original site of Victoria General Hospital.

It was built in 1911 under direction of Dr Thomas Beath and the 4 other members of the founding board.

In 1964 the Manitoba government approved plans to build a new, larger and more modern hospital to replace this building.

In 1971 the new hospital on Pembina Highway was opened and all existing patients were transferred there.

The building then underwent a significant renovation to convert it into a residential apartment complex which it remains today.


Paranormal Activity

Residents and visitors have reported the following activity:

Apparitions of former patients and staff including a nurse who walks through walls (obviously walking through hospital when the floorplan didn’t match the apartments today); shadow figures; phantom ringing sounds; disembodied voices; time slips with people seeing different areas turn into an operating hospital; objects moving on their own including doors opening and closing on their own; phantom knocks including intelligent responses to questions; light anomalies; electrical disturbances and strong feelings of not being alone and being watched.

Lake Lanier

(Lake Sidney Lanier)

GPS Coordinates 34°14'24.0"N 3°57'00.0"W

Status: Natural Wonder (Man-Made Lake); Multiple Fatality Site; Cursed


Previous to the creation of this lake an African-American town was involved in a racially motivated violent incident which resulted in a lynching and the forced eviction of 1,100 African Americans by the white population in 1912.

A number of them were forced to swim over the Chattahoochee River – the lake, of course, was not there then – and many drown on that crossing.

There was also an earlier incident where an 18 year old woman was raped and murdered and African-American men were blamed – with absolutely no evidence – and murdered.

The area is also part of the Trail of Tears when the US Government forced huge numbers of the Indigenous Peoples out of the southeast and to Oklahoma. The people lost all of their land, their culture and 15,000 of them died on the journey.

The lake was created by building the Bulford Dam on the Chattahoochee River in 1956.

The lake was named after a Confederate poet and encompasses 38,000 acres or 59 square miles (15,000 hectares or 150 square kilometres) at full level.

It’s creation destroyed 50,000 acres (20,000 hectares) of farmland, displaced 250 families, 15 businesses and 20 cemeteries. And attempt was made to remove the remains from the cemeteries but with the technology in the 50’s its likely over 50% of remains were left behind.

A dive was made on the show Expedition X which clearly showed undisturbed gravesites making many question if any of the remains were moved as the government claimed.

A stretch of Georgia Hwy 53 was abandoned, and the Gainesville Looper Speedway was condemned and went under the waters of the lake.

It was originally created for the production of hydro-electrcity.

It is now also used for both flood control and water consumption. The States of Alabama, Florida and Georgia use water from this lake but it’s primary consumer is the city of Atlanta for their lawns and gardens.

 The lake is also heavily used for recreation uses including watersports, boating and fishing. There are over 10 million people who visit the lake every year.

More than three times the people drown in Lake Lanier every year than in all of Georgia’s other waterways. And many of them are quite strange like strong swimmers jumping into the water from a boat or dock and just never coming up again.

Approximately 500 people have died in the lake; 200 of them since 1990.


Paranormal Activity

The official story is an acknowledgement of there being buildings, the stands from the speedway and even full grown trees at the bottom of the lake but all the human remains were removed – expect maybe some unmarked Indigenous graves – and the lake is neither cursed or haunted.


The Lady of the Lake

One night in 1958 Delia May Parker and Susie Roberts went to a dance and on their way home – some stories say they had neglected to pay for the gas and we’re speeding away from the crime – their car drove off the highway 58 bridge and into the lake.

Susie Roberts body was recovered about a year later by a fisherman, but Delia was not found until 1990 when they hit something on the bottom of the lake putting in a new piling for the bridge. What they had hit was the car with Delia’s skeleton still in it.

Since the accident the bridge has been haunted by the “lady of the Lake” an apparition of a woman in a blue dress – the same color as the dress Susie was wearing that night – who walks on the bridge. In some versions she is missing her hands and in a few versions she’s an evil spirit who attempts to lure people off the bridge to their deaths.

Susie’s ghost is also seen floating below the surface of the lake and said to be one of the entities responsible for dragging swimmers to the bottom.


Over the decades numerous people have reported being grabbed from below while in the lake. They were dragged below the surface but managed to escape. This thought to be the ghosts of people angry that their resting spots have been buried under the lake’s surface.

Many people believe this is why the number of drownings are so high in this lake. Even accomplished swimmers jumped in the water and never to surface again. That being said no one wearing a life jacket has been the victim of a drowning.

There are also reports of seeing apparitions floating under the surface and, sometimes, reaching up.

The apparitions of Indigenous people have been seen both in the lake and walking it’s shores.

Other reported activity: shadow figures walking the shores and nearby forests; disembodied voices and singing; light anomalies; electrical disturbances; feelings of being watched by something under the surface of the lake and a the entire lake is said to give off a strong feeling of eeriness.

Hart(s) Island

Long Island Sound, Bronx, NY

Status: Former Prison Camp; Former Insane Asylum; Former Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Former Prison; Potter’s Field


Previous to European colonization this island was the home of the Siwanoy Tribe.

A British doctor purchased the island from the Indigenous population as part of an almost 10,000 acre estate in 1654.

The first recorded use of this island as public property just off the coast of the Bronx is as a training camp for the United States Colored Troops in the Union Army during the US Civil War. It was then used as a Union prison to hold Confederate POWs.

235 prisoners did die on the island, but they were originally buried there they have since been removed and interned at in the Cypress Hills Cemetery which is now part of both Queens and Brooklyn.

In 1868 New York City purchased the island from Edward Hunter for $75,000 ($1,650,000 in 2024 dollars). Shortly afterward they began to use the island as a Potter’s Field with the burial of Louisa Van Slyke who died in the charity hospital at age 24.

Previously the 2 Potter Fields for New York City were where Washington Square and the New York Public Library Main Branch now stand. Many of the first people buried on the island died in the smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island.

For the majority of the 19th century there was a women’s insane asylum called The Pavilion, a tuberculosis sanatorium, and an industrial boy’s school on the island.

A boy’s workhouse was built on the island in 1895 and had a population of 2,000 by the early 20th century. Some male elderly prisoners were also transferred from the overcrowded Blackwell’s Penitentiary.

In 1924 Solomon Riley purchased a 4 acre parcel on the island’s west side for the purpose of building an amusement part for the African American population in Harlem as they were banned by segregation laws from entering the other amusement parks around the city.

However, New York City became concerned about a hospital (asylum) and a correctional institution in such close proximity. In 1925 the city condemned the land and bought out Riley ending the amusement park dreams; Riley had already built some structures and bought a number of steamboats.

During World War II all prisoners were all transferred to Riker’s Island and it was converted to a disciplinary barracks for the US Armed Forces.

From 1951 to 1954 the city operated a homeless shelter and home for alcoholics capable of handling up to 2,000 people on the island.

From 1955 to 1974 a battery of Nike anti-aircraft missiles in silos were installed on island operated by US Army Fort Slocum.

In 1966 the prison was closed, and a drug rehabilitation facility called Pheonix House was opened in 1967. Pheonix House operated successfully until the regular ferry service stopped in 1977 and it was moved to Manhattan.

Despite numerous plans the island has never been used for anything other than burials. In 1985 numerous people who died of AIDS were buried on the island for fear their remains were contagious.

Since then, thousands of AIDS victims – the exact number is not known – have been buried on the island.

During the Covid-19 pandemic many people who died of the disease were also buried on the island.

In 2022 many of the deteriorating structures on the island were demolished.

In 2019 ownership of the island was transferred to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

In March 2023 it was announced that the island will be open to public at some point in the future; not as full public park but in a way that people can visit the cemetery.

There are ferries from City Island to the island but under very strict conditions so visiting here is possible but not easy.

There is a distinct possibility that 1 million or more people are buried on the island.


Paranormal Activity

No paranormal investigations that we know of have been done on the island, but it takes about 5 minutes to find one of the numerous conspiracy theories from Satanic rituals of the rich and famous to secret government experiments.

There are numerous reports of hearing unexplained whispers by workers, patients, prisoners and other people who have spent time on the island; they are most commonly the whispers of children. The phantom laughter of children is also heard.

A feeling of being watched by something is unseen is also frequently reported on the island.

Other reported activity: shadow figures; light anomalies and electrical disturbances.

Old Maui High School

1000 Holomua Road, Paia, HI

Status: Former High School; Partially Demolished; Ruins


Founded in 1913 this school was opened to give free public education for the children of the families working on the sugar plantations. Most students came to school by horse and buggy, on their own horses – definitely a different high school parking lot then we’re used to – or by the long gone Kahului Railway.

In 1921 the massive (17,000 square feet) Central Administration Building – which is the most prominent ruin still standing – was opened.

In the mid to late 1930s the school was at it’s highest level; about 1,000 students.

In 1972 a new modern high school was opened in Kahului and this campus was closed down.

For 30 years the tropical environment had it’s way with the building with trees eventually growing inside them.

In 2002 a massive clean up was organized by the Friends of Old Maui High School. The grounds had become so overgrown the remaining buildings had become nearly impossible to find.

In 2005 a Hawaiian Senator secured a federal grant for $250,000 to study the grounds and find out what can be done with them.

As of 2017 the site is still under study by the EPA.


Paranormal Activity

Per Hawaiian legend all those who have died will eventually come back to the land they roamed when they were living.

Many people believe that the former staff and faculty of this high school have returned to the site.

There are many reports of unseen presences on the site that will choke the living if given a chance.

In a former bathroom – which has been closed since the 70s – the phantom sound of a girl crying can be heard. This may be a residual haunting; I mean who hasn’t cried in a high school bathroom at least once in their life.

Other reported activity: disembodied voices; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone.

old Candler Hospital

east huntington st & Drayton St, Savannah, GA

Status: Operational Historical Hospital; Mass Casually Site; Execution Site


This hospital was originally founded in 1804 as the Seaman’s Hospital and Poorhouse making it the second oldest continually operating hospital in the United States.

In 1876 one of the largest – and thankfully final – yellow fever epidemics broke out in the city. This hospital was at the forefront of the treatment at the time. A tunnel was dug from the hospital’s basement under Forsythe Park to discreetly move the large number of fatalities from this epidemic.

There are also stories of other tunnels long since sealed up from both ends filled with the dead who had no where else to be buried.

Yellow Fever burns up and shuts down all your major organs resulting in you vomiting up a fluid that looks like wet coffee grounds.  The survival rate was quite low and with the medical treatments of the time it took nothing short of a miracle to live through it.

It is said that were times were the bodies of the dead were stacked full in this tunnel awaiting a horse and carriage to take them away for burial.

The tunnel still exists but there are no longer any exit points.

By the end of the 19th century it was called the Savannah Hospital and changed to it’s most well known name in 1931 by the founder of Coca-Cola who named it after his brother; Warren Candler.

In 1980 the hospital moved to it's current location on Reynolds Street.

The hospital was later merged with St Joseph’s Hospital and now contains the region’s National Cancer Center a level II NICU and the Mary Telfair Women’s Hospital.

It has 384 beds.


Paranormal Activity

The paranormal activity listed below concerns the Old Candler Hospital not the new site.

This location is one of the few haunted places in the world where apparitions are the most commonly reported paranormal activity. If you want to “see” a ghost this old hospital is one of the best place to do so.

On the hospital grounds there is a very large old oak tree known as the hanging tree. People have reported seeing apparitions of the people who were hung on the tree still twisting in the wind and hear the sounds of creaking rope.

Apparitions are also frequently seen both in and near the so-called morgue tunnel. They are also seen in the nearby Forsythe Park which the tunnel goes under.

In the old psychiatric ward of the hospital people have reported phantom screams and powerful empathic sensations of being trapped and fear. This thought to be due to the “treatments” considered normal in all hospitals in the 19th and early 20th centuries; we would call them torture in modern times.

There are multiple reports of people seeing the apparitions of former patients in hospital garb wandering the halls throughout the building. Most of them look sad and lost.

Other activity: touches, tugs and pulls by unseen entities; what has been described as being surrounded by disembodied voices no one else can hear; light anomalies; phantom footsteps; phantom knocks on doors and walls and feelings of being watched and not being alone.

Sanatorium Feichtenbach

(Weinerwald Sanatorium)(Vienna Woods Sanatorium)

Feichtenbach 39, 2763 Feichtenbach, Austria

Status: Former Tuberculosis Sanatorium; Former Nazi Mother’s Home; Former Children’s Home; Former Hotel; Abandoned


Reader Discretion Advised: This location article’s subject can be considered quite intense and thus is not for everyone


This tuberculosis sanatorium was founded in 1903 by doctors Hugo Kraus and Arthur Baer. They were 2 of the leading doctors for lung disease research at the time.

The sanatorium quickly became well known due to the level of the care. It was considered equal to the sanatoriums in Switzerland which were, in turn, considered the best in the world. Patients included both important politicians and military officers from the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

In 1938 the Nazi Germany annexed Austria and the SS and Gestapo came looking for the doctors running the sanatorium. Dr Kraus committed suicide rather than deal with the epitome of evil but Dr Baer was forced to sign ownership over to the Third Reich.

The Nazis “aryanized” the sanatorium basically removing anything that made it unique. They turned it into a Lebensborn; A home for pregnant unwed mothers to give birth with the babies who were given to Aryan parents in Germany to be brought up as perfect little Nazis.

Something as small as a cleft pallet put a baby out of the running and all “imperfect” babies were disappeared. Without question they were all murdered – this is the Nazis after all – but most believe they were almost buried on the property.

The medical care was so good at the home even the wives of SS officers came here to give birth.

The pregnant women were judged as unforgivingly as their babies; for instance, screaming while giving birth was considered un-Aryan.

Of the 1,200 to 1,700 children born here before the Nazis were removed from power at least 100 were born undesirable and murdered.

The home is still under investigation by the war consequences research.

From 1945 to 1948 the Austrian government used the location to house post-war orphans.

There were plans to convert the site back into a tuberculosis sanatorium but in the end, it was independently bought and renovated into a youth hostel.

From 1990 to 2002 the property was used and a rest and rehabilitation centre for patients under the care of Vienna Regional Health. About 22,000 patients were admitted during this time.

Since 2002 the site has not been used – attempts were made to convert it into a private rehab facility in 2007/08 but fell through – and it owned by a German holding company.

Reports on the internet indicate this site has suffered badly from neglect.


Paranormal Activity

 Reported activity: apparitions of former staff, guests and patients; phantom sounds of babies crying; time and dimension slips; electrical disturbances; shadow figures; shadow people; empathic sensations of fear, sadness and loss; phantom sounds of laboured breathing and coughing; objects moving on their own including doors and windowing opening on their own; touches, tugs and pulls from unseen entities; unexplained physical symptoms including problems breathing, migraines and nausea; light anomalies and feelings of being watched, not being alone and being followed.

Launch Complex 34

Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida

Status: Former Saturn and Apollo Launch Site; Multiple Casualty Site and Memorial; Deactivated; Tourist Site



Construction began on this rocket launch pad in 1960 and it was officially opened on June 5, 1961.

Between October 27, 1961 and March 23, 1963 the first 3 Saturn Rockets (Block I) were launched for this pad. Saturn Block II were launched from LC 34’s sister pad LC 37.

On Friday, October 27, 1967 Lt Col Virgil I Grissom, Lt Col Edward H White II and Lt Commander Roger B Chaffee were killed when a cabin fire ignited in the Apollo 1 Command Module. Apollo 1 was supposed to be the first manned mission in the American plan to put someone on the moon.

There are 2 memorial plaques and 3 benches – one for each astronaut – on the site commemorating the 3 men’s sacrifice.

On October 11, 1968 the first crewed Apollo mission – Apollo 7 – launched from LC 34 closing the pad for good. It the 1970’s the site was officially mothballed by NASA.

Once closed the umbilical tower and support structure were knocked down leaving only the pad intact. It now serves as a memorial to the 3 astronauts who were killed.


Paranormal Activity

Many people believe the launch pad is haunted by the spirits of the 3 astronauts who died in the accident in 1967.

Not having investigated this site I can only hazard an informed opinion, but based on the reports I believe it is more likely a this is a residual haunting created during the accident.

The most common reported activity is overpowering empathic sensations of fear, sadness and impending doom. Emotions captured just before and at the time of tragedy now imprinted on the etheric.

It is rumored that tours of site have been cancelled due to so many people being overcome with the energy here.

People have also reported seeing phantom flames and/or a flash experience of intense heat.

The phantom sounds of screaming and coughing are also reported.

There are even reports of seeing the apparitions of the three astronauts or just Gus Grissom alone at the launch pad.

Beban House

2290 Bowen Road (Beban Park), Nanaimo, BC

(250) 754-3215

Status: Former Residence; Former Tourism Office; Daycare; Office


In 1930 Frank Beban a wealthy businessman who owned multiple sawmills bought 160 acres – where Beban Park is now – and built what is now called the Beban House as the family home.

The house and property were purchased for $25,000 ($468,000 in 2024 dollars).

The Bebans lived in the house for 20 years and developed extensive gardens on the property as well as a horse track.

When Frank died the city of Nanaimo bought the house and property for $53,000 ($687,000 in 2024 dollars). They developed the property into Beban Park to replace the Central Sport Grounds (where Harbour Park Mall stands now).

The house was used for storage and municipal offices until 1995 when it was designated a heritage building granting the city for a renovation. At this time the house was so degraded it was nearly demolished.

In 1996 the City of Nanaimo Tourism Offices moved into the building.

In 2011 the house put up for rent and a daycare facility moved in. It is difficult to tell whether the daycare is still in the building. Google says it is but there is but there is no other information confirming that.

It is also the main office of the Nanaimo Clippers.


Paranormal Activity

The haunting is said to have evolved from the accidental death of a Chinese servant while the Bebans lived in the house. Although this story doesn’t explain all the paranormal activity reported.

Children in the daycare played with a small boy that no adult could see. Multiple children described the same little boy.

Some children have said the little boy has a ball with him which brings us to the phantom sound of a ball bouncing down the stairs. This is usually heard late at night.

The basement is said to be very eerie with strong feelings of not being alone and being watched. Employees who worked for the tourism board describe the basement as a place you do not go alone.

Disembodied voices have been heard throughout the house.

The apparition of a woman has been seen by multiple witnesses.

One of the cupboards in what was Frank Beban’s trophy room will open on it’s own and become impossible to close.

An employee’s cat escaped from the locked room and managed to move around the building without tripping the alarm system.

Locked windows will open on their own.

Filing cabinets open on their own and objects disappear with no explanation.

The water taps will turn on on their own.

Other unexplained sounds including the sounds of teacups clanking together.

Rockwood Mansion

(Rockwood Park & Museum)

4651 Washington Street Extension, Wilmington, DE

Status: Former Residence; Heritage Property; Museum

Generally, One Paranormal Event A Month


This gothic revival mansion was built between 1851 and 1854 for banker Joseph Shipley. Shipley made his money in Liverpool, England before moving to the new world.

In 1891 Shipley’s grand nephew, Edward Bringhurst Jr, took possession of the house after Shipley’s death. The museum today is set up to mirror life in the mansion at this time.

The estate then passed to the Bringhurst’s daughter, Mary. Mary – who reached 100 years old -passed the mansion to her niece, Nancy, who would leave it to a non-profit for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

In 1973 the estate passed to New Castle County who would completely renovate the mansion and estate in 1999.


Paranormal Activity

Many consider this property the most haunted house in Delaware and second only to Fort Delaware as the most haunted location in the State.

Although we are unable to do a full investigation here Our Paranormal World will be visiting this location in July, 2024.

The identified 28 ghosts of Rockwood Mansion are said to be former residents and include:

A woman who wanders the house and is said to be surrounded by cold air. She has been known to approach people visiting the house.

A man in a red smoking jacket who is most often seen with his dog.

A small boy who is thought to be Eddie the son of Edward Bringhurst Jr. His ghost is most often encountered near what was once his playhouse on the property – now in ruins – but he is also found in the mansion. He has been reported as pushing visitors in a playful manner.

A pair of dogs who belonged to the Bringhurst family appear outside of second story window.

Mary Bringhurst’s music box is known for playing on it’s own.

A woman in white has been photographed in a tour group.

There’s even a report of a woman – appearing as solid as any living person – telling people the museum is closed when it is open.

A blast of cold air has been reported in the attic.

Other reported activity: shadow figures; phantom footsteps; disembodied voices, whispers and whistling; phantom sounds of children playing; phantom smells of tobacco, perfume and flowers; light anomalies; cold spots; a feeling of being covered in something cold and wet; pushes, tugs and pulls by unseen entities; objects moving on their own and feelings of being watched and not being alone.

Snedeker House

(The Haunting in Connecticut House)

208 Meriden Avenue, Southington, CT

Status: Famous Haunted House; Private Residence; No Public Access

History and Paranormal Activity

At a young age Philip Snedeker was diagnosed with the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – a form of cancer – and the family had to drive a long distance for his treatments at the University of Connecticut hospital.  The family realizes they’re going to have to find a place to rent closer to the hospital.

In June of 1986 they find a 5 bedroom home for rent at 208 Meriden Avenue which is perfect for their family of 7 (5 children including their niece Tammy. The Snedeker’s sign a lease on the last day of June.

When Carmen and Allen Snedeker – the parents – toured the home before moving in they were told they couldn’t see the basement because building materials blocked the staircase. However, when moving in, Carmen found dusty boxes, mortician’s furniture with blood still on it and some instruments that are used for embalming the dead.

The family had no idea the house had been used as a mortuary. The owner of the house confirmed the house was once the Hallahan Funeral Home; he also confirmed he had told the family this, although the family denies this.

The family also claims they found used toe tags, personal items and photos of the deceased in the basement.

The 2 oldest boys Philip (who was sick) and Bradley still decided they wanted their bedroom to be in the basement because of the space that couldn’t be found in the small bedrooms on the upper floor. Apparently, they slept in what was once the casket display room just down the hall from where the bodies were embalmed.

The reported paranormal activity began on the first night the family moved in.

Philip reported a man with long black hair would come to him in the basement. Sometimes the ghost would merely say the boy’s name over and over, but he also reported it threatened him.

A bucket full of mop water turned red as if turned into blood and smelled like rotting flesh. Household items would disappear without a trace. The children repeatedly reported seeing strange people wandering around in the house; most often they described a man with long dark hair.

Both Carmen and Allen reported being sexually assaulted and sodomized by unseen forces.

Phillip’s personality began to change, and he exhibited violent behavior. He started acting in a cruel manner toward his younger siblings especially to his brother Bradley. He tied Bradley to an old stretcher and spun him until the boy begged for him to stop and he locked Bradley in a chest and left him there.

Philip also attacked his cousin Tammy and attempted to rape her. After this he was hospitalized and diagnosed with schizophrenia as well it was determined that the cancer drugs he was taking could cause hallucinations as well as aggravate the schizophrenia.

After his hospital stay Philip moved in with relatives and quickly stopping seeing ghosts and hearing voices.

The family invited famed paranormal investigators ED and Lorraine Warren to investigate the house as well as a priest to do an exorcism.

The Warrens claimed the morticians practiced necromancy and had brought negative and evil energy into the house.

The paranormal activity, apparently, decreased significantly after the exorcism.

The family did go public, and they did make money from the haunting. Much like another of the Warren’s investigations, the Amityville Horror, the family has been accused of faking the whole thing.

The family has been accused multiple times by several different people. It’s been said the paranormal activity always increased when the family was running behind on their rent.

Their neighbor said they were always happy when they were outside and didn’t seem frightened at all.

A movie “The Haunting in Connecticut” came out in 2009 based on the family’s experiences and it was right before the release of the movie that all complaints about the it being a lie came out. Again, much like the Amityville Horror.

No one who has lived in the house since the Snedeker family has reported any paranormal activity or hauntings.

The truth may never be known but this story has become accepted into the American culture and media as one of the scariest ghost stories ever told.

The house continues to be used as a private residence and entering the property is trespassing so please don’t. Should you decide to visit the property please be respectful and stay on the road.

Central City Masonic Cemetery

Nevadaville Road, Central City, CO

Status: Historical Cemetery


In May of 1859 gold was discovered near Central City and the area’s gold rush began.

In the next few months several other veins of gold were discovered in the area and the area’s population exploded by as much as 10,000.

Between mining accidents and union battles many people were buried in the Masonic Cemetery.

Between 1900 and 1920 the population of Central City dropped drastically as the gold mining dried up. It did increase again in the 1930s but fell in 1940s when gold mining was not considered nonessential in the war effort.

By the 1950s the population had fallen below 200. Today the population of Central City hovers around 100.


Paranormal Activity

The most famous ghost of the cemetery is the “Lady in Black”.

She is only seen once a year when she places flowers on the grave of John Cameron on the anniversary of his death; November 1st. No one knows who John Cameron is or even who his ghostly visitor is.

The general consensus is the “Lady in Black” was the widow of John who visited his grave in life and continues now after her death.

Unexplained sounds from voices to footsteps are often heard in the cemetery.

Light anomalies (orbs) are the most commonly reported paranormal activity. They are seen racing through the cemetery grounds both after dark and in daylight.

Hollydale Insane Asylum

(Hollydale Hospital)

56 Descanso Street, Downey, CA

Status: Former Asylum and Poor House; Abandoned; Police Training Area


It is unlikely that Hollydale is the true name of this former facility, but it is the most accepted name at this time.

The facility was originally built in the 1880’s when there was nothing but farmland around it.

It was opened to take care of the mentally ill, the developmentally disabled as well as those with no other place to go. It also rumored that both tuberculosis and polio – curious as these two conditions have almost nothing in common – were housed here.

More than likely it was once part of the nearby – and still operational – Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center (which also said to be haunted but impossible to access).

The grounds are used by the police for training so the only on to the site – per reports – is just to get permission for a police officer. Some officers will do this, and some will not.

Inside the buildings there is a large amount of asbestos which will become airborne by something as simple as walking around. Bring a mask.


Paranormal Activity

The ghosts are reportedly to be very unhappy in general and not in any mood to interact with the living.

Reported Activity: apparitions of both former staff and patients; shadow figures; electrical disturbances; cold spots; light anomalies; disembodied voices and other unexplained sounds and feelings of being watched, not being alone and not being wanted.