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Federal Highway 2D

Status: Federal Highway; Recognized as One of the Most Dangerous Roads in the World; Urban Legend


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Previous to this road being built in 1917 the only way to get to the rest of Mexico from Tijuana was through the United States.

It was originally just a 2 lane road between Tijuana and Mexicali with barely enough space for 2 trucks to pass each other in the mountains. Between the high mountain winds, people speeding and driving dangerously and just the road itself many many people have died on this road.

Today the road is double laned on both sides and a federal toll highway but is still considered a very dangerous roads with hairpin turns and steep long drops. It is highly recommended that you do not attempt this road unless you are an experienced driver.


Paranormal Activity

In a very atypical story of a phantom hitchhiker a truck driver was flagged down on an empty stretch of mountain road. The young man told the truck driver he had wrecked but wanted to stay at the accident scene until help arrived. He gave the driver a note to give to his wife so she would know he was still alive.

The driver fulfilled his request. Only issue; the wife told him her husband had been dead for 5 years. This has happened more than once but the advice most commonly given now is not to stop cause urban legend says if you don’t deliver the message to the suffering wife you will die yourself.

Other ghosts seen on the road include: an elderly lady who guides truckers through the mountain passes; a nurse who will suddenly appear in the passenger seat beside you; a young man on a bike said to have been killed by a car on the road and another elderly lady who asks for rides but vanishes before she gets in your car.

Other Activity: multiple apparitions are seen along the road; shadow figures; disembodied voices; cold spots; light anomalies; electrical disturbances and feelings of being watched and not being alone.

This area is also a UFO sighting hotspot and multiple reports of something obviously extra terrestrial seen on the road.



(The House of the Witches)

Po de la Presa 80A

Barrio de la Presa


This building was originally built as a house by Steve Carson, a Dutch mine owner. Mr Carson had some very serious mental health issues and was known to become severely deranged. After murdering a man in a cantina, he was imprisoned and care of his daughter, Susan, was left to his sisters.

Susan’s aunts seemingly suffered from mental illness as well and severely abused Susan. Legend says that Susan was found in the cellar years after her Father’s imprisonment horribly beaten and starved to death.

This building now houses a hostel.


Paranormal Activity

Susan is said to haunt this house for eternity. Apparitions of Susan are seen in the house as well as looking out of the windows. Only employees and guests of the hostel are said to be able to enter the building and keep their lives.

Disembodied voices and whispers are reported frequently by guests as are feelings of being watched, followed, unease and not being wanted. Susan has also possessed people in the building.

Other activity: shadow figures; cold spots; drafts and winds; light anomalies and electrical disturbances.



a 36240 A Dolores Hidalgo 7

Status: Multiple Murder Site, Serial Killer House; Museum

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This house was originally built in the 18th century by the Marquess of San Clemente for her daughter. In the 19th century it was turned into a post office.

In the late 1880’s mining engineer, Tadeo Fulgencío Mejía, bought the building and turned it back into a home.

During a home invasion incident Tadeo’s wife – Constanza de la Rivera - was killed from a knife wound in the neck. Rumour says it was employees of the mine who blamed Tadeo for a decrease in work and wages. In actual fact it had nothing to do with him.

Tadeo is said to have had a psychotic break due to his wife’s murder. He became obsessed with finding a way to talk to her from beyond the grave.

To further this end, he visited a witch who taught him how to communicate with his wife through human sacrifice. Other versions of the story say the witch taught him ways to bring his wife back from the dead by murdering others.

It is unknown how many people Tadeo killed but multiple remains were found in his basement when his house was entered after he killed himself trying some new experiment. When his black magick experiments were complete Tadeo burned the majority of the remains.

The house is now a tourist trap museum. Apparently, people can see photos of Tadeo surrounded by skulls and other macabre artifacts and some 19th century pottery.


Paranormal Activity

Some say the ghost of Tadeo himself roams the house still paying for his terrible crimes in the afterlife.

The apparitions of Tadeo’s many victims are seen wandering throughout the house.

The phantom sound of someone running across the house in high heels is often reported.

Cold spots which move through the house is also a common level of paranormal activity as is a variety of unexplained sounds.

Disembodied blood curling loud screams have been heard both in the house and by those outside of the house.



C. Cabanas 8

Las FresaS

+52 33 3668 1645

Status: Former Home for the Poor, Former Orphanage, Former Humanitarian House of Compassion; Culture,  Art Center & Museum


Hospicio cabanas 1.jpg

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At the beginning the 18th Century (1701) the Colonial Bishop Cabanas – whom the building would eventually be named after – had the original building created as a home for the poor, disabled and everyone else who could find no other place in society.

In 1796 the entire institution needed a complete overhaul and construction was began on the building standing today. In 1810 the building would open with no expense spared. At this time the building was called Casa de la Caridad y la Misericordia (House of Charity and Compassion).

Almost immediately the Mexican War of Independence began and the Colonial Army took over the building as its headquarters. When the war ended – and the Spanish Colonial powers were kicked out – the building was returned to its charitable uses. Eventually, it would be converted to a Hospicio – an orphanage.

There are also unconfirmed stories the building was used as an insane asylum at some point of its long history.

In the 1930’s the State of Jalisco commissioned the artist Jose Clemente Orozco to paint the fresco murals inside the buildings. The paintings depicted the history of Mexico plus some fairly dark and disturbing murals depicting the future of humanity.

In the 1980’s the building was converted into a world famous heritage center for the arts and culture. It is open to public and be toured by anyone.


Paranormal Activity

This building was/is one the largest and oldest hospital complexes in all of the New World.

There is a legend of a large clock that was in the building that stopped every time a child died in the orphanage. This said to have been the first clock in the city of Guadalajara.

The clock is said to have frightened the staff of the institution so badly it was eventually removed. Legend says the Devil, itself, imprisoned the souls of the children trapped by the clock. The tormented souls of these children – trapped in a Purgatory between life and death – eternally haunt the building and grounds.

The ghosts of these children are why this complex is considered one of the most haunted places not just in Mexico but in all of the Americas. Apparitions of children are seen throughout the building and grounds; some with completely black eyes and some with glowing red eyes. The phantom screams of the children’s tortured souls are often heard. An energy of horror – some would say pure evil – surrounds this building.

Other people report being touched by unseen entities; but only at knee to waist height where a child would be. The unseen ghosts of the children will sometimes try to grab your hand and try to lead you away.

They say no ever feels alone here – there is always someone, or something watching you.



On C. 8 Between C. 63B and C. 63C

Cortés Sarmiento, 97168

Status: Former Medical Clinic; Abandoned


This medical clinic operated for at least 3 decades and is said to have been closed down due to legal complaints that abortions were taking place here.

Records do prove that over 500 illegal abortions did take place here and that was the reason for the closure. It would appear that just prior to or in early 2007 this location ceased to act as a medical clinic but still had staff on site.

The stories say it was not fully abandoned until 2009.


Paranormal Activity

In 2007 two police officers entered the building at night and reported the sounds of babies crying – many believe this is the aborted fetuses but fetuses don’t make noise so its probably from babies who died while in the hospital – and also the anguished cries of women. The women’s cries may well be from women who died during botched abortions. The building was confirmed empty at the time; well empty of the living.

There are records proving women did die during abortions.

This paranormal activity has been reported many times since and the cries and crying can be heard outside of the building as well.

Objects have also been thrown at people who have entered the abandoned building.

In 2011 a Mexican paranormal show did an investigation here and reported all the paranormal activity documented above. They also reported that the doctor who did the abortions was there in spirit and expressed regret at his actions; only one problem, the doctor was still alive at the time.

They reported a mural was broken by the ghosts while they were there; again, only issue the mural had been broken for 6 years at the time. Then they really went overboard with tales of demons and aliens.

Suffice it to say this location has been blown up to Urban Legendary level with no proof. Only the original activity – see above – has actually been documented here.



(House of Aunt Tona)

Bosque de Chapultepec (Chapultepec Forest)

Cumbres de Acultzingo 199

Lomas Altas, Miguel Hidalgo

Status: Former Residence; Murder Site; Urban Legend; Cursed


This house is located in the Bosque de Chapultepec (Chapultepec Forest) called the Lungs of the City. The forest is considered haunted in it’s own right.

While this is one of three possible locations for this house; it is the one most people consider to be the correct one. To be completely transparent, there are also who think this house was torn down and replaced by a modern mansion.

My Spanish is not the best – and translation programs have terrible grammar – but legend says the rich widow of a business man – distraught over her husband’s death - took in 3 homeless kids to live in her in the mansion with the idea giving something back to the world.

Unfortunately, the kids did not get along and, apparently, she had some very serious emotional and mental health issues. Some stories say the children stole from her.

She eventually murdered the children – disposing of their bodies in a nearby river – and ended her own life. In some versions she beat them to death; in others she poisoned their food and then ate the poison food herself.


Paranormal Activity

The house and property have been cursed since the above events.

I can hear you now though, “oh wow just another curse” but there are verifiable reports of multiple people being both hurt and killed trying to enter this property. The police have admitted to a policy of denying any truth to the stories – not because it isn’t true - but, rather, because there have been so many accidents related to exploring the area.

More than one person has had to be pulled out by helicopter rescue after becoming seriously injured attempting to get to and/or enter the house.

Although it is, obviously, not recommended to attempt to investigate this property, some have. Their reports of paranormal activity include: apparitions of the children and the unstable widow; the sounds of children screaming; disembodied voices including loud arguments; powerful empathic sensations of fear, anxiety and loneliness; light anomalies; electrical disturbances; objects moving on their own and feelings of being watched and not wanted.

In the surrounding forest misty and shadowy figures are seen moving through the trees; people are touched by unseen forces; light anomalies are seen and photographed; electrical devices fail and batteries are drained and people feel as if they are not alone.



139 Avenue Ninos Heroes

Status: Former Hotel; Murder Site; Urban Legend; Abandoned


This once gorgeous art deco hotel was the dream of Fernando Saldana Galvan. It was meant to be the crown jewel of the city and gathering place for artists, bohemians and intellectuals. So, what happened?

Short answer: money.

The hotel was opened in 1945 and it was one of the most beautiful and extravagant hotels in the world with 600 rooms, a casino, ballrooms, a Turkish bath and human sized chess set and more spread over 6 buildings. The hotel has been compared more to Las Vegas but with taste and culture.

It was only open for a period of less than a year; and then left to gradually decay. There are 2 stories offered as to what happened to cause this: 1) Galvan was a politician and his dream became so expensive he siphoned money off of the Mexican treasury to pay the debts until he was caught, 2) His party was removed from office and his replacements from the opposition – as is so often the case – did everything they could to erase the accomplishments of their predecessors cutting all funding.

Another – more chilling – explanation was that Galvan was a Freemason and the hotel was constructed in homage to their beliefs including a Pagan chapel and they pulled their funding because of an unknown reason. Then there are those who believe the whole place was constructed to worship Satan but I’m just going to leave that one to the urban legends.

It is accepted that Galvan hung himself in the garden in the hotel’s yard – or some say in the bell tower of the hotel’s chapel - because of the massive debts he incurred building the hotel. Its also said he may have died in his own home from pneumonia. Normally, I’d say the creepy one is just a story but in this case its not so cut and dry.

Him cursing the hotel as he died is probably just legend but you never know.

Nor is it easy to just dismiss that a girl got lost in the hotel and died. There is an actual altar to her in the hotel.

The former hotel has been used to a number of government offices and reports say it is being converted into a university now. Getting onto the property is trespassing and rumoured to be extremely difficult with at least 2 fences; not to mention its in a very high use/visibility area.

That being said those that have managed to get in have come back with some incredible stories. Our Paranormal World, of course, don’t condone trespassing.


Paranormal Activity

Many people believe this site is cursed and has been by multiple sources. This is easy to just dismiss but some curses have proven true in history.

Mannequins are sometimes hung by people in the hotel which could give you a pretty big scare in a dark room. Be aware.

The ghost of Galvan himself is, of course, the most famous and often seen ghost. He is either seen in or near the chapel or in the hotel’s garden and front entrance.

The ghost of the little girl who was found dead – apparently in room 103 – haunts the room she died in. There is an altar for her in that room as well. Many people leave gifts of candy and toys for her to avoid angering her and being cursed.

There are actually multiple altars throughout the building with toys, clothes, photos etc which just feeds all the legends associated with this property.

There are stories that a former Police Chief brought the prisoners from whom he needed information and confessions from here and used immoral and illegal methods to get it. People still heard hear screams and people begging for mercy coming from inside the empty building. The ghosts of his victims are also seen wandering the buildings and grounds.

Other Activity: misty apparitions and wispy shadow figures; unexplained temperature changes; disembodied voices, whispers, laughter and breathing; phantom moans and screams that have been describing as very disturbing; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen presences; light anomalies; electrical disturbances and feelings of being watched, not being wanted, unease to extreme panic and not being alone.



(The House of Tubes)

Rene Descartes

Contry La Silla 3er Sector

Status: Private Residence; Formerly Abandoned; Urban Legend


It is difficult to separate the true story of this house from all the Urban Legends. We have chosen to tell the history based on the most common similarities in all the stories.

At some point in the 1970’s a rich family contracted to have the house built in order to create a home that their paralyzed daughter could move around in easily. It was filled with ramps that she could navigate rather than staircases which is the explanation behind the unique architecture.

Apparently, the construction workers had issues with missing tools and other unexplained experiences which led to them refusing to come to work. One day while under minimal staffing a yell was heard and a worker – fell or was pushed – out of a window to his death.

On a visit to the home shortly afterwards the daughter was using the ramps when she was flung out of the same window and fell to her death. Her father was so distraught he committed suicide in the house.

The house then remained half constructed and abandoned for many years.

In the 1980’s or 90’s another family was touring the house before buying it when their young boy – who was walking around unwatched – also managed to fall out of the same window; also, to his death. Another version says a little girl was seen pushing the boy out of the window. A little girl who could not be found anywhere in the house.

If dig enough you can find even more stories relating to this cursed window although most of them sound very very similar to these 3 stories. It is also said the 3 or more victims of the “cursed” window were found with a terrified expression on their faces as if they saw something terrible before falling. Legend says it was a demon.

In 2015 the house was finally sold to an owner, who completed the construction, and has been living there ever since.


Paranormal Activity

The apparition of a little boy – sometimes with a little girl – is/are seen playing at the entrance of the house.

The apparition of a young girl is seen – sometimes in her wheel chair and sometimes standing – waving from the “cursed” window at people passing by below.

Strange noises are also reported coming from the house including a woman loudly weeping, screams, undecipherable whispers and cries.



Avenue Alvaro Obregon 4

+615 15 2 02 74

Status: Private Catholic School



This school was founded by 4 nuns from San Diego in May of 1941.

It offers an education based in Faith and includes English and computer courses from pre-school on. There is also a focus on developing values and socioeconomic skills.


Paranormal Activity

It is said that a small boy was playing with marbles in the girl’s washroom when he accidentally swallowed one leading to his death.

Since then, the phantom sounds of laughter and marbles hitting each other has been heard in this washroom.



(Hacienda Vegil 408)

Jardines de la Hacienda


On April 23, 1989 Claudia’s husband, that she was recently separated from, dropped their 3 kids – Alfredo, Claudia Maria, Ana Belan -  off at her house. They had an argument before he left and she told him he would be sorry.

Claudia was suffering from emotional and mental issues but no one in their worst nightmares had any idea of what was to happen that night.

At 4am on April 24 Claudia woke up hearing voices and phoned a friend for help. Her friend tried her calm her down and told her she would come in the morning. After getting off the phone Claudia got 3 knives and attacked her 3 children viciously resulting in their deaths.

Claudia was sentenced to 30 years in jail and was released in 2019. At her trial she claimed she was possessed by demons. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and epilepsy.

She is known as the Hyena of Queretaro.

The house remained vacant for a long period of time. It is unclear whether someone lives there now or not. Most photos show windows with broken glass so best guess the house is unoccupied.


Paranormal Activity

Phantom screams still come from the house much as they did on the night of the murders.

The apparition of Claudia’s son Alfredo appears in the second story window covered in blood.



(Isla de las Munecas)

San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan

Status: Island; World Famous Haunted Location; Urban Legend


Dolls hung in Santana Barrera's chinampa in Xochimilco.jpg

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Once upon a time there was an old hermit named Don Julian who lived on an island in the canals south of Mexico City. He claimed that the ghost of little girl who drowned in the canal was tormenting him.

In order to appease her he collected dolls and hung them from every tree and piece of vegetation on the island; even going so far as to trade food for old dolls. In 2001 Julian was found dead by drowning in the same canal that the girl died in.

The island is now operated as a tourist attraction by Julian’s family members.


Paranormal Activity

The dolls are said to whisper to each other as well as open and close their eyes; not too mention turn their heads and watch people going by.

The apparition of a little girl has been seen on the island after dark.

Other activity: Intense feelings of unease, being watched and paranoia are also reported. Legends says the dolls have taken over as caretakers of the island.