1004 W Peach Ave, Duncan, OK

Status: Former Hospital; Paranormal Investigations Available

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It has been said that there is beauty in the breakdown.

If this is true, Lindley Hospital in Duncan, Oklahoma is certainly beautiful. The building stands idly by, watching cars drive by, children riding their bikes, folks walking their dogs. It hears the whispers of passersby who tell anyone who will listen that they are sure, even positive, that they saw a face in that window- yes, that one right there.

So is it true? Is Lindley Hospital really haunted? According to those who have stepped foot inside, it is.

Not much is known about the history. It seems the original building was built at some point in 1937, serving the community of Duncan until it was burnt down in a fire in 1957. A new building was erected in its place and served as a hospital until the 1980s. It seems there is not much to find and everything gleaned from research is incredibly vague.

The building was sold in 1999 and was essentially used as a storage unit and left to rot until 2020, when the current owner purchased it.

One can still see a gigantic pile of paint buckets outside from the previous owner.



Leilani Kohles, the current owner of Lindley Hospital has witnessed activity herself whilst cleaning out the building.

People who were assisting the cleanup efforts all had walkie-talkies and claimed that a little child’s voice came through multiple different channels, to multiple different people. Objects tend to move on their own, and tea cups have even been smashed by unseen forces. Disembodied growls are heard in the Clinic area, where a spirit who dislikes men is said to reside.

Hope from the team Haunted Oklahoma experienced the sensation and sounds of someone running up to her.  Due to the activity we (Paranormal Wasteland) experienced, I believe Lindley Hospital is extremely haunted.

Leilani says the activity has calmed down since she cleaned out much of the hospital, but that doesn’t mean it stopped.

While investigating the “Little Boy’s Room”, my co-investigator Adam set down a REM-Pod for the boy to play with. Immediately upon setting it down on the floor, the REM-Pod started flashing and beeping, and the lights went all the way around. Simultaneously the Maglite started flashing and answering questions intelligently.

Having both phenomena happen at the same time validated that the activity we were witnessing was indeed unexplainable. Earlier in the night the entire group heard a door slam and could find no cause-we searched the whole building.

Overall, Lindley Hospital is not disappointing by any stretch of the imagination. You will be left with more questions than answers... and isn’t that part of the fun?