Corner of 8th Avenue and Harding Avenue, honolulu, hi

Status: Former Residence; Formerly Abandoned; Demolished; Famous Haunted House

There is a new house built on the site


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There is no real history of this property other than 2 startling stories of paranormal activity – which will be covered below.


Paranormal Activity

Although the house was demolished – a house known as “the most haunted house in Hawaii” – and another house built on the grounds it appears this had no effect on the haunting.

There are reasons generally given as to why this house and grounds are so haunted: 1) A man killed his wife and 2 kids here and while the wife and son’s body were recovered the daughter’s was not. 2) A lesbian couple lived in the house and one of them began seeing a man – when he found out the truth he killed both women and himself in the house. Neither of these stories can be verified.

The original house was said to be the residence of a Kasha which is defined as a ghoul feeding on the dead, or a cat like demon stealing souls and as a man-eating ghost; all definitions based on Japanese mythology.

In 1942 the police were called to the house for what seemed to be a domestic disturbance – loud bangs and screams were being heard coming from the house. When the police arrived, they found a single mother asking for help as something invisible was attacking her children.

Upon entering the house, the police found 1 boy and 2 girls being assaulted by a force or entity that could not be seen. Apparently, this had begun when the boy said he could smell the ghosts. After 30 minutes the police – who were attacked as well – got everyone out of the house and incident ended.

In the 1970’s three young women lived in the house and left one night because they heard people moving around in the house and the voice of a girl. They spent the night with one of girl’s mothers and called the police to escort them back to the house.

The police car followed the 3 women; who were all in one car. Suddenly the girls pulled into a parking lot and the police officer reported he could see the girl in the middle of the front seat was fighting off something invisible that was clearly trying to straggle her.

The officer attempted to help the girl but was grabbed by a muscular arm he said could not have belonged to a young woman. The officer called for assistance. When the responding officer arrived the one of the scene – was white as a sheet – said there’s a ghost in that car. The girls were reported as being, understandably, hysterical.

The girl who was attacked was put in a police car which immediately stalled and would not start until she was put back in the girl’s car. Upon leaving the parking lot the girl’s car passenger door opened up and the same girl was pushed out – again she was trying to pull invisible hands away from her neck.

There are many other stories of paranormal activity related to the house but both the stories above were in the newspaper as well as official police reports.

Other Paranormal Activity: cold spots and extreme temperature changes; light anomalies; touches by unseen presences; objects moving on their own; shadow figures and feelings of being watched and not being alone.