34 Middle Street, Bucksport, ME

Status: Former Seminary; Formerly Abandoned; Under Restoration


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The Eastern Maine Methodist Conference was formed in 1848 because of the rise in the popularity of Methodism in 1840’s in eastern Maine. This building was constructed after the Conference decided to build a seminary.

Wilson Hall was constructed in 1850-51.

It was and is the largest Greek Revival building in Bucksport and the only seminary in the County.

The seminary closed in 1933 and remained empty until 1941 when it was bought by the Roman Catholic Oblate Fathers. They opened up the St Joseph Seminary which operated until 1971.

The property was sold in 1978 to a private owner.

The building fell into disrepair until the town took over and renovated it.

In 2019 it was purchased again – for a one dollar – by a developer who is – you guessed it – redeveloping the property.

The cemetery beside the building belonged to the Red Paint People who lived here between 2000 and 6000 years ago before any other Aboriginal Tribe was in the Maine area.


Paranormal Activity

Although there are multiple websites claiming paranormal activity at this site there are almost none that detail any actual activity.

The following activity has been recorded: apparitions of priests; disembodied voices; phantom footsteps; light anomalies and the feeling of not being alone.

On the disrespectful creepy side, the original European settlers not only dug up and disturbed the gravesites of the Red Paint People but they used the red ocher – the tribe buried their dead in red ocher – to cover things like their door frames.

So, they literally spread the remains of these people over their houses.

The Red Paint People have ample reasons to haunt these grounds.