Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra

(Volterra Lunatic Asylum)(Volterra Psychiatric Hospital)

Borgo San Lazzero, Viale ex Manicomio

Status: Former Asylum; Abandoned


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Founded in 1888 inside of the walls of a former Convent called San Girolamo this location was originally a place for the demented inside of a Poorhouse. In 1902 the name was changed to Frenocomio – psychiatric hospital.

Dr Luigi Scabia would soon take over and change it into sort of a village with stores and places to work for the patients. This was designed to help them become adjusted to society making their transition out of the hospital less painful. He even created currency for the patients to use.

Dr Scabia left the hospital in 1934 and things went from bad to worse to much much worse. The population began to grow until reached over 6,000 of inmates -which what the patients were called then - by the 1950’s – 60’s.

Conditions became horrific: nurses were referred to as guards, there was zero contact with family and the outside world and treatments such as electro-shock therapy, ice water therapy and insulin comas became common place. New pills and poisons were used on the inmates as test subjects.

It also became very easy to be locked up inside but extremely hard to get back out. Annoy someone with any level of power and into the asylum you went; usually death was the only escape.

In part because of horrible treatment of the patients – here and in other Italian psychiatric facilities – Italy passed the Basaglia Law in 1978 forcing all of the psychiatric hospitals to close. This spelled the end to this house of horrors.

Although, there have been rumours since 2018 that this institution will be opening up again for the treatment of the mentally ill.


Paranormal Activity

Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. What would an abandoned insane asylum in a horror movie look like? Have you got the picture in mind? Good, you’re picturing this location perfectly.

Apparitions of former patients, nuns and nurses, shadow figures who have been reported as following people, an overwhelming sense of fear and evil, time slips, feelings of not being wanted, being watched, being followed and not being alone.

And many people claim the ghostly population of this location would very much like to hurt the living.

All manner of unexplained sounds: disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, crying, heavy breathing, screaming, laughing, moaning; objects moving on their own, doors and windows opening and closing on their own, objects disappearing, touches, pokes, pulls and tugs by unseen presences.

Electrical disturbances, light anomalies, possession, warm and cold spots, unexplained breezes and winds and unexplained mists.