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Status: Former Hospital; Legacy Site; Being Repurposed


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The Secret Pool


The original Royal Victoria Hospital – or Royal Vic – was designed by Scotsman Henry Saxon Snell in the Scottish Baronial Style. He was already famous for building hospitals in both England and Scotland.

The original part of the building opened in 1893.

The hospital was built on the slope of Mount Royal earning it the name of the hospital on the hill.

In 1905 the H Pavillion was opened as a nurse’s residence. It was later changed into a psychiatric hospital which it remains as today. It is now known as the Allan Memorial Institute.

On April 26, 2015 McGill University – who owns the hospital and site – moved all primary operations to the McGill University Health Centre on Decarie Boulevard expect the Reproductive Centre and the Dialysis Clinic.

As of 2021 McGill is in the process of converting the old site into modern classrooms and laboratories. They are also demolishing the two taller buildings behind the main building to construct state of the art laboratories and turning the parking lot into a green space.


Paranormal Activity

Behind and slightly south of the main building is what was once a swimming pool. It has been closed since 2014 and there are no signs of it ever being opened again and it is now falling apart and covered in graffiti.

It was opened in 1961 to allow patients and nurses to have a therapeutic swim. This location is clearly marked on Google Maps as Secret Pool.

That being said, there are many who think the real reason was to cover up a number of bodies of Indigenous children who died – some say murdered - while under the care of the psychiatric hospital.

With the recent discoveries of numerous hidden unmarked burial sites at Canada’s residential schools these rumours cannot be so easily dismissed as they once were.

People have reported the apparitions of Indigenous children as well as unexplained mists; phantom sounds of crying; light anomalies and cold spots in this area.

In the hospital building itself people have reported apparitions of patients in outdated hospital gowns wandering the halls. People also report seeing shadowy apparitions seeming to hide in dark corners and disappearing when attention is focused on them.

The ghost most frequently seen was that of an elderly woman.

Buzzers frequently went off in unoccupied rooms calling nurses to unseen patients.

Disembodied voices, phantom screams and echoing phantom footsteps are also reported.

There is also a story of a patient waking up in a spectral pool of blood that disappeared as they screamed for help.

As while there are numerous reports of large balls of light moving through the building – some with faces in them – and the lights suddenly flickering for no apparent reason.