Near 8th Concession, Amherstburg, ON

Status: Country Road; Urban Legend


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History And Legends

The stories of haunted Texas Road revolve around an area between Concession 8 and the St Clement Cemetery. The Cemetery is Private Property and cannot be entered after dark. Due to the number of bush parties and teenagers playing tricks on other teenagers this area is heavily patrolled by Police after dark especially during the Halloween season.

Texas Road is thought to have started as a Wyandotte Aboriginal trail that led to a burial ground by the river.

After European colonization it was turned into a farm road and is said to be the site of a massacre of British soldiers when their Indigenous “allies” betrayed and slaughtered them. This is related to the American burning of Fort Amherstburg.

There are also stories of witches being burned at the stake here. This said to have happened while the area was under American occupation in the early 19th century. The Indigenous peoples traded with the town; which included their young woman, who were not treated particularly well by the settlers. This led to hostilities with the Indigenous peoples and the young women were accused of witchcraft and burned.

This legend is said to have inspired evil cults to use the area for their rituals – something said to spike up every 20 years or so before law enforcement puts an end to it.

In the ravine near the old bridge there is said to be a number of rocks painted with inverted pentagrams and a possible altar stone. This has been taken, by some, to mean these legends are true.

Dark hooded figures have been seen in these woods; some people have even claimed to have been attacked by them. The ghost of a horse is also seen in the area.

A figure wrapped in white is seen here as well – usually by passing cars. The figure is said to stand very still on the side of the road and will disappear if you stop and investigate. Legend says this is related to a man who was murdered here.

A headless horseman also rides the road. History does say a man was murdered on horseback here – with his body being mangled – over a century ago.

 In the area of St Clement Cemetery legend says a man murdered his wife a chopping off her head with cleaver. Apparently, the woman’s body was recovered but the head was never found. The ghost of a headless woman in white is reported to haunt the area.

Other Activity: unexplained mists that are gone as fast as they appear; phantom headlights; disembodied voices; cold spots; phantom footsteps and feelings of being watched from the woods.

Testimonial by Tina

my friends and I used to go there. we have def experienced some weird shit there. glowing blue dew on the grass. some crazy woman screaming from super high in the trees. a mist and a hooded figure visited my friend in her home after. weird.