1050 Sweetwater Avenue, florence, AL

(256) 627-4121

Status: Historical Property

Generally not open to the Public but has been opened in the past particularly during the Halloween Season


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This mansion was first built by General John Brahan (veteran of the War Of 1812) as an eight room home in the 19th Century. The home received its name from the Sweetwater Creek which runs just below the mansion.

The home was first occupied by Robert M Patton – the son-in-law of the General (who would later become of a Governor of Alabama) - who completed the mansion in 1835. Many of the former residents of the mansion seem to be very reluctant to leave the premises.


Paranormal Activity

This location has a long history of reports of paranormal activity. Tales of seeing apparitions date back to the late 19th century.

The body of one of Mr Patton's sons was seen laid out in his coffin on a main floor room. The apparitions of many of the home's former residents have been seen moving both within the house and on the grounds.

There are also reports of the phantom laughter of children echoing in the empty rooms. Feelings of unease, being watched and not being alone are felt. Objects move on their own and have disappeared; sometimes never appearing again or appearing elsewhere at a later time. The living have been touched, pushed, pulled and tugged by invisible presences.

Other activity: light anomalies; unexplained mists; disembodied voices and phantom footsteps.