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This area of the State was settled by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the mid-19th Century and they called their new town Stull. The infamous church in the cemetery – demolished in 2002 – was built in 1860. As the 20th Century began the local population began to leave and eventually there was nothing left but an abandoned church and the town’s graveyard.

So how did this small town church and cemetery become known as one of the most evil places in America? It is said that black magic practitioners, Satanists and other undesirables took over the church once it was abandoned. There is also stories of a murder on the grounds in 1850 – a decade before the church was even constructed – that desecrated the land.

And, of course, it always comes back to America's greatest scapegoat: Satan.

The cemetery is now known as one the lost gateways to Hell - the 7th gate to be exact – and it is rumored to be where Satan holds court with his followers.

Rumor also has it that Satan’s half human half animal son is buried here in an unmarked grave after he was killed after an 11 month killing spree at the age of 11.

If you think this all sounds like an Urban Legend(s), you’re not alone. Remember, though, inside of every urban legend is a crumb of the truth.


Paranormal Activity

At the autumn and spring equinoxes mists and lights are said to appear over the grave of Satan’s son. On these dates – sometimes it's Halloween instead of the autumn equinox – is it also said the Gates of Hell open. A mist filled set of stairs leading downward beckoning witnesses to descend into the Underworld.

There is also a rumored dark witch buried here and she can be picked up on recorded EVPs saying “keep away from my bones” and “watch your step”. Her husband is buried beside her but his grave site keeps lifting up; rumor has it the witch is trying to move his final resting spot away from hers.

It is also said the ghosts of all of those who died violently come to cemetery on the equinoxes and Halloween. So, this cemetery is party central for the forces of Hell at least 3 days a year.

A church stood abandoned on the property from 1922 until 2002 when it was torn down apparently by a local – without the owner’s permission – in an attempt to end the rumors and legends.

Obviously, this failed.