(Chunky River Bridge)

6170 Stuckey Bridge Road, Enterprise, MS

Status: Historic Haunted Bridge; Urban Legend


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Plans for the original bridge were set in motion in 1847 and the bridge was built in 1850 by the original settlers in the area. In 1901 the original bridge was replaced with the one standing there today.

It is now on lonely dirt road 12 miles southwest of Meridian. It still crosses the Chunky River but is over 100 years old and not in the best of shape. It is 112 feet across but no longer open to vehicles or any type of traffic.

It has long been a spooky destination for both the local teenagers and paranormal investigators or just about anyone looking for a creepy thrill.


Paranormal Activity

This bridge is a legend unto itself and has even been featured on televised lists of haunted locations.

Back in the time period when the original bridge was constructed there was a man named Stuckey – I’m sure that was a big surprise – who owned a nearby inn; he is also rumored to have once been part of the Dalton Gang.

Stuckey waved in people going down river to take their wares to market with the promise of a hot meal and a warm bed.

Once his guests were asleep Stuckey would murder them, take all their money and belongings and then dump their bodies – probably off the bridge – into the river to be washed away. Other versions of the story say he buried their bodies on the banks of the river.

According to the story Stuckey managed to kill at least 20 people before he was caught.

Once Stuckey got caught justice was swift. They hung him from – you guessed it – the bridge and then cut down his body and let him drop, noose still around his neck, into the river. His body is said to have hung from the bridge for 5 days in the heat and humidity.

The most common paranormal activity in the area of the bridge is unexplained sudden splashes said to be the phantom sound of Stuckey’s decaying body hitting the water after he was cut from the bridge.

A ghostly blue glow is also seen at the exact spot where he disappeared beneath the water’s surface.

The phantom light of his lantern is still seen swaying back and forth on the bridge as it did when he would wave in his victims during his life.

The apparition of his body is seen by many still hanging from the bridge creaking in the wind.

Other Reported Activity: phantom whispers; phantom footsteps on the bridge; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone.