(Spotlight Cinemas at the Strand)

19 Court Street, Skowhegan

(207) 474-3451

Status: Restored Historical Haunted Theater (Operational)



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This theater opened on November 18, 1929 with one theater having seating for a little less than 1,000 people.

In 2005 it was refurbished into 3 theaters; the main auditorium with seating for 485 and two smaller theaters with seating for 175 each.

In 2018 it was bought by Spotlight Cinemas.


Paranormal Activity

Many consider this location the most haunted place in Maine. It consistently makes most lists of the top 50 haunted locations in America.

While other places may have more reported types of activity this location is said to be fairly consistent with paranormal activity happening frequently.

In the 1930’s it is said that a woman jumped from the balcony in a successful attempt to kill herself. This cannot be historically verified, and no one knows the identity of the woman.

That being said people have reported hearing a woman crying in the lower level as well as in the women’s washroom. This is thought to be the lady who killed herself.

In 1978 a woman was living in an apartment above the theater passed away – another version of the story says the apartment wasn’t even built until 1978 – and the theater was renovated. The contractors experienced multiple accounts of paranormal activity including: getting shocked by power tools that weren’t plugged in; stains appearing on newly painted walls and new wallpaper peeling and tools being thrown at them by unseen entities.

Many employees have reported seeing the apparition of a woman out of the corner of their eyes who disappears when they turn to face her.

One employee was suddenly unable to move and started crying. She reported feeling as if she was possessed by an angry entity and soon afterwards quit her job.

The apparition of a man has also been seen sitting alone in the theater and chewing gum.

Other Reported Activity: objects moving on their own; a sense of malicious energy; empathic sensations of dread and sadness and feelings of not being alone and being watched.