6404 IN-135, Nashville, IN

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Status: Former General Store; Bed & Breakfast



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This quaint bed and breakfast is located in the tiny village of Story. It is located in the old general store for the town.

It is unclear what causes this haunting it is thought the "Blue Lady" may have been one of the wives of George Story. The stories of her date back for years and are told by both guests and staff.

The current owner has renamed the room she is most frequently seen and felt in the Blue Lady.


Paranormal Activity

Activity has been reported most often when a certain blue lamp is turned on in the room - hence the name of the ghost - but activity has been reported with the lamp off.

A blue shadow crossing the room, often crossing right over people is frequently reported. The full apparition of the lady is often seen after this.

She is reported as looking at herself in the mirror and looking directly at the room's living occupants. She then seems to get herself ready - fixing her nails, fixing her hair etc.

She is also reported as often whistling and often glides over to the window.

Her name was also given by the fact that she wears blue from head to foot.

She seems to be very aware of the living and has interacted with them including at least one report of a man having his bottom pinched. Another report indicates she left long scratches down a man's back and cuddled up to him as a lover.

Her apparition has also answered questions posed by the living. She also leaves souvenirs behind after her visits including fake fingernails and hair ribbons.

There also reports of her calling out people's names as well as whispering them into their ears. She may possibly be one of the friendliest ghosts in history especially to men.

Her energy is said to fill the room completely, there can be no doubt when she is there.