(Harriet Chapman Hospital)

101 West Plain Street, Eaton Rapids, MI

(517) 937-2647

Status: Former Residence; Former Hospital; Heritage Property

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This building was originally constructed in the 1874 by a apparent con man – John Sweezey. Sweezey borrowed the money to build the house – it was the most expensive house in the area at the time – but never bothered to pay it back.

He sold it to the Spicer family, however it was burnt to the ground in 1879

Stimson left town suddenly after the “mysterious” fire at the house. The Spicers suspected arson.

After the First World War during the Spanish Flu Epidemic the building was converted into a 20 bed hospital.

Three of the hospital’s founders died in the hospital: Dr Francis Blanchard died shortly after the hospital was opened by falling into a open elevator shaft.

Dr Charles Stimson – for whom the hospital was named after – and Dr Harriet Chapman – the original name of the hospital - also breathed their last in this building; presumably by natural causes.

Like any other hospital there were numerous deaths inside the building.

Once the hospital was closed in the 1950’s the building was divided up into 4 separate apartments.

The house is now owned by Pam and Chris Sturgill – who bought it in 2017 – who originally were looking to both restore the house back to it’s 19th century glory and turn it into a bed & breakfast.

They started offering ghost tours and paranormal investigations as a way to raise money for the restoration and conversion.

Now they have gone public with their investigations you can book one at the Facebook Page link above.


Paranormal Activity

Approximately 2,000 people died in this building.

On the third floor there are phantom sounds of medical equipment being moved around.

Also, on the third floor shadow figures have been seem moving around.

In one former patient room the phantom sounds of entire conversations can be heard when the door is closed. A child’s laughter and a woman crying have also been heard.

Phantom footsteps are heard in the elevator shaft where the doctor died.

Other reported activity: disembodied voices; objects moving on their own; lights turning on and off on their own; phantom smells; electrical disturbances; light anomalies and feelings of being watching and not being alone.