(Columbia Female Academy)(Stephens Female College)

1200 East Broadway, Columbia, MO

(573) 442-2211

Status: Heritage Private Women’s College



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This school was founded in August of 1833 and it is second oldest women’s college in the United States that is still operating as a female only institution.

They have a long list of alumni who became notable including actresses, a US Ambassador to the UN, a Vice-Admiral USN and the first female Senator from Missouri.

In 2004 the College started a program that allows students to foster shelter animals in student residences in exchange for scholarships.

Undergrad degrees are offered as well as Masters degrees.


Paranormal Activity

The paranormal activity on campus is focused on 4 buildings: Tower Hall, Searcy Hall, Senior Hall and Pillsbury Dorms

Tower Hall

The fifth floor of this building is closed off due to a fire. Although there are no fatalities related to this fire There is said have been a suicide when a girl who was raped on that floor that jumped off the roof – this is said to have happened in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s.

Students living on the 4th floor have heard furniture moving and people walking above their heads. This is impossible as access to the 5th floor is all but impossible.

Another story feels like just an urban legend; and all urban legends have some truth in them. A group of students managed to get the elevator to go to the 5th floor despite it being locked off from ascending above the 4th floor. Using a tape recorder – that thing we ghost hunters used before smart phones – and started asking questions but began feeling anxiety and as if they were not alone and left the floor.

When the students played back the recording they found 2 ghosts had responded to their questions: 1) a polite male voice and 2) a very pissed off female spirit who was described as rude and violent who identified herself as Stacy.

Searcy Hall

Apparently, a student found herself pregnant out of wedlock at a time when that was frowned upon – to say the very least – and was forced to give birth alone. She took the baby and hid it in a locker where it passed away.

This story cannot be verified historically but it is the explanation for the phantom sounds of a baby crying in this building that is frequently reported.

Senior Hall

The Civil War took a heavy toll on Columbia with many sympathies lying both with the Union and the Confederates. After the battle at Pea Ridge the city and surrounding area fell under control of the Union.

A student – Sarah – came home to her room one evening to find a soldier dressed as a Confederate soldier. Her room mate – raised in Alabama – was a Confederate sympathizer and convinced Sarah to hide the soldier.

Sarah eventually fell in love with the soldier as she spent more and more time with him but she knew she had to get him out and safe in Canada. Alas, no secrets last forever, and eventually Sarah’s secret was discovered.

There are 2 versions as to what happened next: 1) this one is very romantic but not within historical possibility. The soldier was taken from Sarah’s room and shot as an enemy spy a couple of days later in full view of Sarah. Sarah immediately hung herself to death in the building’s bell tower. There’s one big issue with this version – the bell tower hadn’t been built at this time. 2) Sarah and her soldier lover escaped the campus but drown trying to cross a flooded river to freedom in Canada.

Either way the ghost of Sarah is said to haunt the building from then on. She is said to be eternally searching for her soldier boy hoping to join him in the hereafter. Her apparition is seen in the building seeming to be searching for someone. Those who have seen her describe her as very beautiful with strawberry blonde hair and almost waif like. She also said to be benevolent and almost peaceful.

There are also reports of Sarah playing the piano.

Whenever unexplained things happen – like disembodied whispers, objects moving on their own, electrical issues or a sudden chill - that leave you feeling as if you are not alone in this building its said Sarah is nearby.

People have also reported seeing doppelgangers of themselves in the halls and rooms here.


Allow there is no story behind this one many people have reported the apparitions of 3 ladies – nicknamed the Blue Ladies – who will sing you and tuck you into bed.

Even more frequently there are reports of a ghostly soft songs being song here when the ladies don’t show themselves.