Roch Chapel and Cemetery

1725 St Roch Avenue, New Orleans, LA

Status: Historical Cemetery and Yellow Fever Shrine



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In 1867 Reverend Peter Thevis prayed to St Roch during a Yellow Fever epidemic in New Orleans to save the people of the city. While many in New Orleans did die of the fever not a single person died in Rev Thevis’s parish.

St Roch gained his Sainthood while carrying for the victims of the Black Plague in the 14th century. He would become infected himself and moved to the woods to avoid spreading the illness. He is said to have been fed by a nobleman’s dog who also licked his wounds which resulted in him being miraculously cured of the Plague.

Keeping his word to St Roch Rev Thevis laid the cornerstone of St Roch Chapel and dedicated what would become St Roch Cemetery #1 to the Saint.

The Shrine has become filled with crutches, glass eyes and other medical equipment – as well as some truly bizarre things like a Ronald McDonald doll – now litter the area as people have gifted them to St Roch for curing them.

The Shrine is part of the Chapel which is now in the Cemetery. It is said the area is very peaceful and rarely visited; all in all an excellent place to go to for solitude.


Paranormal Activity

St Roch is the Patron Saint of Dogs so it is fitting the area’s most famous ghost is that of a large black dog. This dog is frequently seen walking in the cemetery and surrounding area.

The dog often shows up in photos and videos of the area when no dog was visible to the naked eye. People believing the dog is not paranormal, but rather just a stray, have cornered it in an attempt to feed it; the dog just disappears into thin air when it is left with no place to run.

A tall figure in a long black robe which completely covers the person inside including a deep hood is seen wandering the cemetery. Nothing is visible in the hood, it’s not even known if this ghost is a woman or a man.

What is clear – or at least frequently reported – is that this apparition has been seen walking through the walls in the cemetery as if they didn’t exist.

A medium visiting the cemetery declared the ghost here are not angry or even lost. They are at peace but choose to stay in the cemetery rather than cross over.

Disembodied voices, especially the ones of children, are frequently heard by visitors especially after dark.

Other visitors have reported vivid dreams in most of which a large black dog figures prominently.