1009 South Mill Street, Colfax, WA

Status: Former Hospital; Former Assisted Living Facility; Historical and Ghost Tours Are Available

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In the late 19th century, a need for a hospital in Eastern Washington State was identified by the Roman Catholic Church. The Sisters of Charity of Providence in Portland, Oregon heeded the call and Colfax put up the most in donations.

On April 17, 1893 construction of St Ignatius Hospital was begun. Three sisters worked out of a small wooden building while the main building was constructed. The main hospital opened in 1894 with additions made in 1917 and 1928.

A nursing school was opened on site in 1911. The first 2 male nurses in Washington State graduated from it in 1941.

In 1964 the hospital was closed when the Sisters can no longer afford to modernize it due to low donations. The building was converted into an assisted living facility.

In 2000 the facility was closed down the building was abandoned in 2003.

IN 2021 a new owner bought the property with the intention of restoring it. They will be continuing both the day tours and overnight investigations.


Paranormal Activity

Despite the many stories surrounding this location hospital records indicate, while many people did die here, they died in their rooms from there injuries or illnesses. There is no record of any suicides nor anyone falling down the elevator shaft.

The most famous ghost in the building is that of FE Martin who was crushed between two railroad cars and became the first person to die within the hospital walls. It is said he still wanders the empty halls and rooms of the former hospital. His apparition has been seen many times and he is thought to be responsible for some of the paranormal activity.

Reported Activity During Investigations: apparitions of former patients and staff including apparitions appearing in reflections; touches, pushes and kicks from unseen entities; disembodied voices; shadow figures; numerous captured EVP’s; phantom footsteps; unexplained noises from loud bangs to faint whispers and everything in between; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone.