(St Francis Health Center)

825 East Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO

Status: Former Hospital; Former Health Clinic; Abandoned; Private Property


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Previous to this location – the city’s first actual hospital – the only medical facility was a clinic attached to the train station. The original building was built in 1887 and it seems that it was torn down shortly into the 20th century (possibly 1929) and replaced with a much larger structure with wings on both sides.

The hospital was modernized in the 1960’s and 70’s resulting in the left wing and middle section being demolished and replaced. The original older right wing is still attached to the former hospital.

In 1989 the name was changed to the St Francis Health Center when it teamed up with the Penrose Hospital. In 2008 the new St Francis Medical Center on East Woodmen Road opened and began the closure of this site. In 2010 Centura officially closed the site for financial reasons and the last tenants moved out in 2013.

In 2014 the property was sold to a developer who is currently working on redeveloping the site into residential and commercial properties. As of 2021 the building is still standing.


Paranormal Activity

The majority of paranormal activity takes place within the remaining old wing.

There are numerous mentions of ghost called “Charlie” but – unfortunately – no real details pertaining to him.

In the area where the tuberculosis patients were once treated phantom sounds of patients still coughing and hacking are still heard. There are said to be 2 ghosts who haunt the area as well one who locked an employee in a closet and another who asked the nurses what they are doing?

A security guard watched the South Entrance Door open, pause as if someone unseen looked inside, and then close the door. A bit creepy but the real chills happen when you realize that door is always kept locked.

Small shadows have been seen cast on the walls as if cast by unseen children walking the halls of the old hospital. An adult sized shadow has been seen that stood still as if watching the watcher.

A sealed off tunnel that goes from the hospital to what is now the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind was used during the tuberculosis pandemic to take the bodies to a crematorium. The squeaky wheels of the stretchers are still heard echoing in the tunnel. Disembodied voices are also heard here as well as feelings of unease.

Other Activity:  Apparitions of former staff and patients; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen presences; warm and cold spots; movement in your peripheral vision; feelings of unease, being watched and not being alone.

Testimonial By Deai

I used to be a security guard here! I used to do hourly patrols around this amazing building! The interior is spooky and amazing all at once. There are random dead animals around the halls and one of the rooms had a ojui board staked to the floor. RA 22. On the 3rd floor. The fifth floor has a huge roped off area where the floor is weak and will fall through if walked on! The cremation tunnel under the hospital is super rich with paranormal air. The time I was there as the security guard there were several alarms that went off due to unexplained movement in the hospital. We had to go in to make sure the alarms were false or see if a homeless person had gotten in. I was in there one time with the police and there was a scream behind us, with a cough that followed. I had been at this building for a while so I was used to it however the police officers I was with freaked out and they were like oh no! We are getting out of here. So we got out. And one time the pump house by the hospital which was the cremation stack, had a flood where the water main had bust by itself but there was no evidence anyone had gotten in there. As the door was always locked. I ended up leaving the company but when I left a light, that was never on in the hospital turned on and has remained on till this day.