4 West Broadway, Gardner, MA

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Status: Former Residence; Former Boarding House


Paranormal Attraction; Overnight Investigations can be booked


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In the 1880’s Sylvester Pierce had amassed a large fortune building furniture in Gardner at the head of his company SK Pierce & Sons. He decided it was time to have a mansion constructed befitting his stature.

It took 100 men a year and half to build the house. A 7000 square foot monstrosity with no less than 10 bedrooms for one man, his wife, their son and assorted servants. Spare no expense became almost trite in the construction of this painstaking beautiful home. Many features of the home were hand made.

The Pierces moved in and then things went suddenly wrong. Just weeks after moving in Susan – Sylvester’s wife – contracted a bacterial illness that ended her life quickly. A year later he would marry Ellen – who 30 years younger – and have 2 more sons but by 1888 Sylvester, himself, was dead and gone.

The mansion was passed to his young widow who kept the house and family business up with the help of her sons but eventually she would also pass away. The mansion and the business now fell to SK’s sons who immediately disagreed and went to war.

In the end the youngest son – Edward – took over the business and the mansion; but it was too late. The business was failing and the family’s once huge fortunes were disappearing. Edward turned the mansion into a rooming house in attempt to make money inviting in some very unsavory characters and activities quickly followed.

Gambling, drinking and prostitution became the norm in home’s once proud walls. There are also stories of murders happening as well; the most famous was that of a prostitute in the infamous red room. One man mysteriously burned to death in the former master bedroom but the room itself was virtually unharmed. A child is said to have drowned to death in the basement.

The mansion went through many owners for the rest of the 20th Century most of whom told stories of some very aggressive and powerful paranormal activity.

In 2015 The Dark Carnival bought the property and renovated it back into the Victorian Mansion it once was.

They run a Halloween attraction with actors during the Halloween season but allow investigations into the real paranormal activity the rest of the year.


Paranormal Activity

Based on information from previous investigators this location can be very aggressive and the ghosts should never be provoked. Only experienced investigators should take on this location.

Ghosts identified at the mansion: SK Pierce, Susan Pierce, Edward Pierce, a nanny called Mattie, a man called David who may have murdered the prostitute here, the murdered prostitute, unnamed dark entities in the basement, a young boy, a younger girl and the man who burned to death in the master bedroom. And this may only scratch the surface of the number of entities in this house.

Recorded Activity: apparitions and shadow figures from misty to full bodied; objects moving on their own from doors opening to large furniture moving across rooms; screens flying off of windows; possession; touches, tugs and pulls from unseen entities including someone almost being pushed out a third floor window and another who was pushed toward the stairs; aggression toward the living; a loud roar which shakes the entire house – this is thought to be SK expressing his anger toward what his mansion has been reduced to - ; sudden cold and hot spots; unexplained breezes; mysterious mists; light anomalies; phantom footsteps in the hallways and on the stairs; phantom terrible smells; feelings of being watched, not being alone, not being wanted to the point of malevolent hatred and pretty much every other level of paranormal activity.

As their website says, this location is not the faint of heart.

It is one of the most active locations that can be easily accessed.