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Story and Paranormal Activity

We don’t normally post locations where we cannot find the exact location of the reported paranormal activity. This location gets an exception because of 2 reasons: 1) the graves of the Kringle family showing their death date of March 3, 1985 on all three headstones which takes this beyond an urban legend and gives an idea as to the accident site as it is said to be only minutes to their grave sites; 2) we’ve spent quite a few hours researching this location so please indulge us lol.

On the night of March 3, 1985, the Kringle family – Richard, Rose and their daughter JoDee – were traveling through a blizzard when their car went through the guard rail and ended up landing upside down in a swampy area. The entire family was tragically drowned.

The accident site is said to be a few minutes away – they are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery just north of Webster – from their burial site. We were unable to find the exact site but, despite the name, it is probably not on a bridge at all. Per people who were alive at the time of an accident the car landed in a swampy area on the side of the road and were not on a bridge at all.

It is reported as being on County Road B which is a fairly long road south of Webster closer to Siren.

We could not locate the exact accident site but if anyone knows please leave it in the comments below.

There are numerous reports of people passing the accident site and picking up a little girl’s voice saying either “I can’t get out” or “Help me Mommy, I can’t get out”. Her voice will come through the on the radio cutting away whatever station is playing.