(Tunnel 19)

North Bend Rail Trail, cario, wv

Status: Former Railroad Tunnel; Rail Trail


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Previous to the Civil War this trail was an active railway track.

The railway was sold during the 1980’s and converted into the rail trail.

The North Bend Rail Trail is known as one of the best hiking trails in the Appalachian Mountains.

It is 72 miles long and includes 36 bridges and 10 tunnels and is part of the American Discovery Trail which travels the entire length of the Country.

One of the 10 tunnels (Tunnel 19) is said to be haunted. The tunnel is said to be 1,376 feet (419 metres) long and is described as constantly being cold, wet and filled with a light mist.


Paranormal Activity

Tales of the ghost of a woman in white date back to when trains were still running on this track.

Legend says a bride either fell or was pushed from a speeding train to her death in this tunnel.

The ghost appeared so frequently to engineers that many saw her so many times they wouldn’t even slow down entering the tunnel knowing she was a ghost and could not be hurt or killed. Of course, there are many more stories of trains coming to a halt and looking for the remains of the woman they think they just hit. Nothing was ever found.

There is one story of an engineer who noticed a lot more people following his train into the town closest to the tunnel. When he stopped, he asked why so many people were following the train while they, in turn, were asking him what happened to the lady in the white dress sitting on the cowcatcher of his engine.

Apparently, the ghost had hitched a ride when the train hadn’t slowed down at the tunnel before disappearing as it entered the town.

The woman in white is still frequently reported either inside or just outside of Tunnel 19 (Silver Run Tunnel) by hikers.