639 Steiner Avenue, Cincinnati, OH

Status: Former Rectory; Heritage Property


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In 1878 the German speaking members of the St Vincent de Paul began plans to create a new parish for themselves and their ancestors. The actual Church itself – Our Lady of Perpetual Help – was dedicated on May 5, 1889.

The church replaced another which was built lower and prone to floods.

The rectory itself was opened in 1891 according to it’s own history that was once published in a pamphlet.

When the church was closed in the 1970’s the Rectory closed as well.

The bells and organ in the Church were removed and put in another Church as they were icons given to the Church by Pope Leo XIII. All sacred items were removed, and the property was sold.

It is now owned by the Midwest Preservation Society who are working hard on a volunteer and donation basis. They are also taking donations specifically to set up 24/7 cameras in the building for monitoring the paranormal activity.

There are rumors the house may be turned an Air BnB


Paranormal Activity

There are numerous stories of children – and even animals – being abused within the rectory’s walls but there is no proof of any wrong doing.

There is also stories of a very nasty dog fighting ring being run illegally in the basement in the 1980’s when the rectory was abandoned.

On one of the more famous paranormal shows a Catholic priest was brought in to do an exorcism on a supposed demonic entity within the building. This has been criticized heavily and Priest even admits it could be seen as misleading.

A blessing does contain a minor exorcism, but the show edited it to make it look more dramatic. The Priest has stated he does not believe the property is haunted at all.

It does not to be said the unnamed paranormal show are not the only ones to have a claim the building has a negative/demonic entity in it. Many paranormal investigators have made the same claim.

Workers in the building have reported being scratched.

What can be historically verified is that Father Donald MacLeod lived in the rectory in the 19th century. One night while going out to comfort a seriously ill woman he struck by a train and killed. Ever since then his apparition has been seen both in the rectory and on the train tracks.

Other Reported Activity: the apparition of a man dressed in a dark clergy robe walking from the living room and the parlor; phantom sounds of children playing and laughing in the attic; shadows seen under the pantry door as if someone is moving around in their when it’s known to be empty; doors opening and closing on their own; objects moving on their own including a rocking chair rocking on it’s own; phantom sounds of dogs barking in the basement; electrical disturbances; disembodied voices; light anomalies and empathic sensations of dread and anxiety.