36 Shore Road, End of Seaside Drive, Waterford, CT

Status: Abandoned Sanatorium; State Park; In Ruins


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The sanatorium was opened in the 1930′s as a rest home for children suffering from tuberculosis. It was built on the shore of Long Island Sound in hopes of the clean air and pleasant environment would help in curing the disease. While this may have prolonged the patient’s lives it did nothing to cure the disease (TB would not be cured until the invention of antibiotics).

It was built to replace the White Beach Hotel in Niantic which only had 45 beds.

In 1958 the hospital was turned over to caring for the elderly for 3 years. It was changed over to help people with developmental disabilities until it was closed in 1996.

Many developers tried to take over the prime seaside location in order to built condos; why are old hospitals always torn down to build either condos or Wal Marts?

In 2014 the State Governor finalized turning the site into a State Park. The buildings remain behind a chain link fence and unenterable but the grounds are open to the public.

There are some stories from the 1970’s to 1996 – when it closed – during the time the building was being used for people with developmental disabilities. These stories include patient abuse and high fatality rate but we were unable to verify the stories through a reputable source.


Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of former patients and staff as well as shadow figures. Disembodied voices and other unexplained sounds and bangs. Feelings of being watched and not wanted. A powerful feeling of unease and eeriness.

Other Activity: light anomalies, electronic disturbances, doors opening and closing on their own and phantom footsteps.