Off 5th Street, northport, al

Status: Abandoned and in Ruins - Hazardous to Life Threatening Conditions in Building (Use Extreme Caution)

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Very little is known about this institution. It was opened in 1976 as a care facility on the grounds of the Jemison Center which is sometimes known as the Old Bryce Hospital. Its primary purpose was to provide living arrangements for those over 65 who were suffering from mental health concerns.

It was closed in 2003 as part of a consolidation program and has been left abandoned since.


Paranormal Activity

 This location tends to unnerve people more so than the nearby Jemison Center (Old Bryce Hospital). There also more people absolutely adamant that this location is haunted than at the aforementioned Jamison Center.

The most common encounter with the paranormal seems to be powerful feelings of unease – if not downright fear – and of being watched. People have also reported being touched or tugged at by unseen presences and disembodied voices, laughter and crying. A few reports describe loud noises as if furniture is being moved around. Objects have been known to move on their own like doors slamming or heavy items suddenly being in a different place when exiting and re-entering a room. There are also reports of extreme temperature changes (cold spots) like having ice water poured down your back on a hot summer day.

Other activity: phantom sounds of people running through the halls; light anomalies; electrical disturbances; powerful feelings of not being alone; shadow figures and empathic feelings of loneliness and sadness.

Testimonial By Valerie

Definitely haunted. I’ve lived in Northport my entire life (20 years) and going to “Old Bryce” was always on my bucket list. I was scared of squatters and getting caught trespassing but finally had the courage to go when my boyfriend asked me if I wanted him to take me. We went on a September night around 9pm and luckily nobody else was there. We explored the Jemison Center first, we felt like we were being watched but did not hear or see anything paranormal in that building. Using the outlines of buildings on Apple Maps we found the furnace building and what looked like a small house that I guessed was for staff. It was very cool but nothing paranormal in there. However we discovered the SD Allen Facility. I never knew it was there and was amazed by the size of it. The rows of heavy, metal, and very creepy doors and LONG dark hallways made it very easy to get turned around in there at night. I believe we were in the left wing when we heard what sounded like footsteps at the end of the first hallway. The creepiest part was the fact they sounded like boots on a brand new tile floor. We stood still and just listened for a few minutes. We both heard what sounded like a sigh or a whisper from the same area. We continued walking around but never heard anything else besides the doors creaking. However when we left the Facility (located to the left of the entrance to the Jemison building, which we were headed back to) we heard very loud and very close sound of a woman screaming. We decided to just leave at that point.