Waterworks Road, Gettysburg, PA

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Status: Historical Haunted Bridge; Execution Site


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Photos Courtesy of BreezeBabyBrie


This Town truss covered bridge was built in 1854 at a cost of $1,544 (just over $56,000 in 2023) to cross over Marsh Creek.

The I Corps and the III Corps of the Union Army crossed the bridge on July 1, 1863, heading towards Gettysburg. Four Days later the majority of the Confederate troops in the Army of Northern Virginia under the command of Colonel Robert E Lee crossed the bridge retreating from the Union victory at the Battle of Gettysburg.

At least 3 Confederate soldiers were executed at the site. They had dressed as Union soldiers and were either attempting to desert or spy; either way they were caught and hung from the wooden trestles on the bridge.

In 1938 the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation designated the bridge as the State’s Most Historic Bridge.

By 1960 the bridge had deteriorated to a point where it was no longer usable. Rather than demolish it, the County banned vehicle traffic allowing only pedestrians to use it.


Paranormal Activity

While the sun is set this location remains what it seems, an idyllic picturesque covered bridge over a peaceful stream.

However, when night falls the scene becomes one that has terrified even seasoned paranormal investigators.

Three dismembered heads have been seen floating on the bridge. The full body apparitions of the three soldiers are also seen and – in a few cases – photographed.

Many people have been tapped on the shoulder only to turn and find no one there.

The phantom smell of cigar smoke is often reported on and around the bridge as well as a feeling of being watched and/or followed.

The phantom sounds of both gun and cannon fire are frequently reported both here and in many locations in the Gettysburg area.