Federal Highway 2D, Baja

Status: Federal Highway; Recognized as One of the Most Dangerous Roads in the World; Urban Legend


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Previous to this road being built in 1917 the only way to get to the rest of Mexico from Tijuana was through the United States.

It was originally just a 2 lane road between Tijuana and Mexicali with barely enough space for 2 trucks to pass each other in the mountains. Between the high mountain winds, people speeding and driving dangerously and just the road itself many many people have died on this road.

Today the road is double laned on both sides and a federal toll highway but is still considered a very dangerous roads with hairpin turns and steep long drops. It is highly recommended that you do not attempt this road unless you are an experienced driver.


Paranormal Activity

In a very atypical story of a phantom hitchhiker a truck driver was flagged down on an empty stretch of mountain road. The young man told the truck driver he had wrecked but wanted to stay at the accident scene until help arrived. He gave the driver a note to give to his wife so she would know he was still alive.

The driver fulfilled his request. Only issue; the wife told him her husband had been dead for 5 years. This has happened more than once but the advice most commonly given now is not to stop cause urban legend says if you don’t deliver the message to the suffering wife you will die yourself.

Other ghosts seen on the road include: an elderly lady who guides truckers through the mountain passes; a nurse who will suddenly appear in the passenger seat beside you; a young man on a bike said to have been killed by a car on the road and another elderly lady who asks for rides but vanishes before she gets in your car.

Other Activity: multiple apparitions are seen along the road; shadow figures; disembodied voices; cold spots; light anomalies; electrical disturbances and feelings of being watched and not being alone.

This area is also a UFO sighting hotspot and multiple reports of something obviously extra terrestrial seen on the road.