(Rosson House)

113 North 6th Street, Pheonix, AZ

(602) 427-0927

Status: Historic House Museum


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This Queen Anne style house was built by the famous architect AP Petit between 1894 and 1895. It would be his final design before his death.

Dr Roland Rosson moved to Phoenix in 1879 and set himself up as a general physician and surgeon as well as a democratic politician; he was the mayor of the city briefly. In 1880 he married Flora Murray and they would eventually have 7 children – 5 of them lived to adult hood.

In 1882 Dr Rosson bought Block 14 – now Heritage Square – from Flora’s sister. They lived in an adobe house just south of where Rosson House was built initially. In March of 1895 an advertisement appeared for the first time indicating his office and residence were at the address of the Rosson House.

The house was built with many modern conveniences of the day including: hot and cold water, an upstairs bathroom, electric lights and a telephone.

In June of 1897 the Rossons sold the house – probably due to back taxes – and moved to Los Angeles. Dr Rosson died shortly thereafter 1898. Flora would pass away in 1911.

Until the middle of the 20th century the house was owned by many different prominent Phoenix residents. From 1948 until 1972 the house was used by renters and essentially became not much more than a flop house.

In 1972 – at the suggestion of the mayor – the house was heavily renovated and brought back to it’s former glory with donations from local corporations and the hard work of volunteers.

The house has been converted into a museum now depicting life in the city at the turn of the century.


Paranormal Activity

Despite it’s long and distinguished history the house didn’t get it’s own ghost until the 1980’s.

In that decade a caretaker was shot to death just outside the house.

The ghost spends most of his time hanging the stairway. Phantom footsteps are heard going up and down the stairs and people see a shadow figure moving quickly on the stairs.

The fireplace has lit up on it’s own. Doors will lock and unlock on their own and objects move around room on their own.