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(Guajataca Tunnel)

Avenue Noel Estrada


(787) 872-2100

Status: Defunct Railway Tunnel; Open to the Public


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This tunnel was built by the American Railroad Co of Puerto Rico in 1904 as part of the expansion of the Northern Line of the National Railway System onto the western half of the island.

The tunnel – along with a steel bridge – connects the towns of Quebradillas and Isabela. The tunnel was dug from both sides until they reached each other in the middle. It is 250 feet long.

It now provides access to Guajataca Beach which is famous for its white sands but also violent dangerous surf.


Paranormal Activity

In the early 20th Century, there was a train crash in the tunnel resulting in multiple fatalities.

People have reported the echoing sounds of train brakes squealing and people screaming in the tunnel. A cold rushing wind has also been reported as well as light anomalies and a feeling of not being wanted and unease.