7 Pope Street, Salem, MA

Status: Witch Execution Site; Historic Memorial


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For many years the site of the execution of 19 innocent people by hanging for witchcraft was thought to be the aptly named Gallows Hill. However, in 1921 local historian Sidney Perley brought this into question when he claimed to have found the real execution spot.

After 15 years he finally convinced the city of Salem to purchase this site – known as Proctor’s Ledge – and put it aside. No memorial was erected and most people still believed the 19 were hung on Gallows Hill.

Due to very poor record keeping by the horror show that was the Salem Witch Trials it was extremely difficult to say either site was the one.

In 2010 Salem’s historical society decided to find the answer once and for all and began a project that would take 6 years to complete. They went through every record left from that period and it was actual eyewitness accounts from 1692 that finally revealed the truth; accounts of people being able to see the hangings from their own houses.

In 2016 it was announced that Proctor’s Ledge was, once and for all, declared as not only the execution site but also where the bodies were dumped.


Paranormal Activity

The most common report is that there is a dark insidious energy that hovers over the place permeating the surrounding forest and even the ground.

The Lady in White – who is well known in many places in Salem – makes appearances here. She is known for suddenly being there and then disappearing just as quickly.

Near the crevice where the bodies of the victims were said to be thrown apparitions of people said to be the 19 are seen.

Phantom wails of anguish are also heard here.

Cold spots are frequently reported here.

There have been several photos taken of unexplained light anomalies in the area.

Other Reported Activity: disembodied voices and the feeling of not being alone and being watched.