(Mercy Hospital)(Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare)(Aspire Health Partners)

1800 Mercy Drive, orlando, fl

(407) 875-3700

Status: Former Hospital; Operational Psychiatric Hospital


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This building was first constructed as the Mercy Hospital by the Roman Catholic Church. The hospital – rumored to have been a mental asylum – was opened in 1962 and run by the Church.

In 1981 it was converted into a general full-service hospital after being sold to American Medical International. In the early 90’s the hospital was bought by Resource Housing of America who renamed it as Princeton Hospital.

1997 the hospital became an independent facility and NewCare was brought in to run it. This didn’t work out as planned and the hospital could no longer afford its own infrastructure including payroll. In 1999 the hospital closed transferring the patients and firing all the staff.

After being put up for auction it was bought by Aspire Health Partners and converted into a psychiatric hospital. Renovations were done in the early 2000’s and many think this is what activated the paranormal activity here.

Based on numerous reviews of this hospital from different sites neither patients nor families have a very good opinion of treatment here.


Paranormal Activity

The apparitions of nuns and doctors are the most common ghosts seen here at the hospital.

The apparition of a patient – described as having hollow eyes – stares at witness either angrily or with sadness and despair.

The second and third floors of the hospital are said to be the most active. Here disembodied voices are heard in empty rooms; touches by unseen presences; unexplained noises including knocks, taps and loud bangs; lights turning on and off on their own; objects moving on their own most famously empty wheelchairs moving in rooms and hallways and feelings of being watched, not wanted and not being alone.