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Bloor Street East, toronto, on

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Status: Vehicle/Subway/Pedestrian Truss Arch Bridge; Suicide Site


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The construction of this bridge was debated in Toronto between 1910 and 1913; in 1912 it was voted down by 59 votes but in 1913 it was for by 9,236 votes. It was completed in 1918 for a cost of $2,480,000 ($39.5 million 2021 dollars).

It was named after Prince Edward the Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VIII.

The bridge spans 494 metres (1,6200 feet) and is 40 metres (131 feet) above the Don Valley.

Originally the upper deck was for street cars and the lower deck – which almost wasn’t built because of the high cost – was used as a rail road. Constructing the lower deck would save the city millions of dollars in 1966 when the Bloor-Danforth Subway was built and took over the railroad tracks.

The Bridge became the most popular place in Canada to commit suicide – second in all of North America after the Golden Gate Bridge – with almost 500 suicides by 2003. At it’s worst – in 1997 – the suicide rate was one person for every 22 days.

At one point it was the third most popular place in the world to end your life after 1) Suicide Forest in Japan, 2) Golden Gate Bridge, California.

A nun and 18 other people fell to their death while the bridge was being constructed.

A screen preventing anyone from jumping – or falling – from the bridge was approved by the Toronto City Council in 1998. However, construction was delayed due to the cost. It was finally built in 2003 and called the Luminous Veil but it is estimated that between 48 to 60 suicides happened while construction was delayed.

Does the Luminous Veil work? Yes and no. Since it was installed only 1 person has managed to climb over it and jump. That being said the suicide rate in the City of Toronto has not decreased; the victims have just found other ways to do it including jumping in front of subways.


Paranormal Activity

The most commonly reported paranormal activity is a strong feeling of unease as well as sensations of not being alone and being watched.

People have also seen someone falling from the bridge only to see them disappear before hitting the ground. This often followed by the sound of something heavy hit the ground but nothing can be found.

Previous to the Luminous Veil they are a few reports of apparitions looking very real sitting on the fence apparently getting ready to jump. Some even had conversations with these ghosts before the faded from sight.

Other Reported Activity: phantom screams; cold spots both in the forest below and on the bridge and unexplained mists.