(Preston School of Industry)(Preston Youth Correctional Facility)

900 Palm Drive, Ione, CA

(209) 256-3623

Status: Former Reform School and Youth Correctional Facility; Formerly Abandoned; Heritage Property


Open to the Public; Halloween Ghost Tours


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The State of California began construction on this building in 1890; it was one of the first reform schools created in the United States.

In 1894 the school was opened and its “students” were transferred from San Quentin Prison. The school was run in a military style with the inmates spending half their day in school and the other learning trades. The learned trades were designed to support the inmates with jobs once they got out.

This building was used until 1960 when newer buildings were constructed. At this point the building was abandoned for 40 years.

In 2001 the Preston Castle Foundation was granted a 50 year lease and began their work to restore and save the historical structure.


Paranormal Activity

There are a number of stories of unexplained deaths in the castle but only one can easily be historically proven. This is the murder of Anna Corbin in 1950 whose killers were never caught. She was the head housekeeper of the castle and, apparently, well liked.

Many people believe most of the paranormal activity in the castle is Anna’s ghost. However, of all mediums who have contacted the ghosts not one has identified themselves as Anna.

Reported Paranormal Activity: objects moving on their own; shadow figures; doors slamming on their wind; unexplained winds and breezes; touches by unseen presences; mysterious mists; light anomalies; disembodied voices and feelings of being watched, not being wanted and not being alone.