72 Queen Street, Charleston, SC

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Status: Former Residence; Southern Restaurant



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This house was originally built in 1888; at that time the neighborhood was just beginning to grow.

Although the house had many owners before it’s conversion into a restaurant none were more memorable than Zoe and Elizabeth the spinster sisters.

In the early 1900’s bought the house and moved in. They weren’t very social and surprised Charleston society by enjoying the spinster life as well as being happy with just each other’s company.

The 2 sisters lived happily together for 40 years and, by all accounts, became great friends and very close.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to end. In 1945 Elizabeth passed away.

Zoey was destroyed, of course, she had lost everything in her life. With no one to be with her while she grieved her mental and emotional heath began a downward spiral. Eventually she was walking up and down Queen St crying out her sister’s name.

Concerned for her health the neighbors took her to St Francis Hospital where she lived out her days in a delusional state. She finally passed in 1954 without ever returning to the house she and her sister shared.

In the early 1970’s Bobbie Ball moved to South Carolina from West Virginia. She bought the house and began to remodel it into a restaurant. While she was working, she had a visitor, a stray Wheaton Terrier, that was living in the neighborhood. His favorite place to hangout was on the porch of Bobby’s new house.

Bobbie adopted the dog, named him Poogans, and then – you guessed it – named the restaurant she opened in 1976 after her new furry friend. In 1979 Poogan crossed the rainbow bridge but his gravesite is near his beloved porch so you can pay your respects.


Paranormal Activity

Although Zoe did not die in the house she shared with her sister her spirit seems to have returned to the house.

It is said Zoe has been seen 200+ times in her old house.

She is still seen wandering the house apparently looking for her sister with the majority of sightings being in the woman’s washroom. She has even been heard calling out her sister’s name as she did so much in life.

One chef had his coffee cup disappear completely only to reappear later with lipstick on the rim.

Bobbie herself has watched a heavy wooden door shut on it’s own.

Strange sounds have come the second floor but when employees investigate there is no one up there.

On one occasion people in a neighboring building see an elderly lady in black banging on the windows as if trying to escape the restaurant. They called the police who found the restaurant locked and alarmed and no one inside.

The ghost of Poogan himself is seen on the porch he frequented so often during his life. He’s also been seen moving among the legs of people eating there. He is said to be most fond of children.