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The original school built here in 1892 went under the name of West Side School and contained all grades from 1 through 12. In 1914 a fire started in the boiler room and the school was burnt to the ground; it is unclear if anyone died in this fire but it is brought up as one of the reasons its haunted.

The replacement school – the one that’s there now – was rebuilt in 1916 in the exact same location. It has been heavily renovated and modernized in both 1939 and 1996 as well as a new gym built in 2004-06.

Apparently, the old gym wasn’t much of a prize as students called it The Pit.


Paranormal Activity

Although it cannot be verified it is said that two teenage girls made a suicide pact sometime in the 1940’s or 50’s. One girl went through with it and hung herself from her locker; the other girl didn’t.

The smell of the girl’s perfume was often reported in the area where her locker was prompting the school to remove her locker. To this day custodial staff report being blasted occasionally with the same smell while cleaning at night. The apparition of the girl is also seen forever walking the halls of the school.

The phantom sound of an alarm going off is heard at night where the old gym used to be

The phantom sound of a piano playing is reported in the school’s auditorium.

People have also reported seeing apparitions in the library after hours when looking through the windows from outside.

In 2014 the school became famous when a security video taken on winter break when the school was empty showed a shadow figure walk into and then out of the bathroom before going down the hall. The lights in the hallway are also seen flickering unexplainably on the video (see below).