2 Brook Street

Status: Former Hospital; Former Hostel; Private Residence


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This hospital was built to replace the former hospital which had been part of the original York Convict Hiring Depot – founded in 1852 – and for men only. If you were a female working or prospecting on what was then the edge of the frontier and got hurt or sick you were going all the way to Perth (100 kms – 62 miles minimum with no cars and no airplanes).

The main hospital building was built in 1896 and is the most recognizable structure. The old morgue (late 19th century), the old nurse’s quarters (1925), the old maternity ward (1941) and the old laundry (1942) are still on the property.

It was originally run by a matron with only a 1 nurse, a cook, an orderly and a wards maid. When surgery was needed it was done on the kitchen table. It was a prime example of frontier medicine.

In 1963 the hospital ceased operations and the location taken over by the Civil Defense Headquarters and then sold to the United Department of Christian Education. In 1976 the Australian National Trust took over ownership was restored the building before leasing it to the National Youth Fitness Council who turned it into a Youth Hostel.

The Hostel ceased operations in 1995 and the site became a private residence. There are unsubstantiated rumours that the current owners – who bought the site in 2004 - are turning it into a bed & breakfast.


Paranormal Activity

This location is considered to be one of the most haunted in Australia.

The ghosts here are definitely not friendly.

Please respect that this is now a private residence – not open to the public at any time – and they don’t want people camping out on their lawn and creeping around on their property after dark.

Reports of the paranormal activity date back to the 1920’s. The matron working then said staff were terrified of the upper floors and the nurses would do their rounds in pairs even when the wards were full of patients.

It is said that the local wildlife avoids the buildings on site.

The phantom sounds of moaning coming from inside the walls has been reported as well as objects moving on their own.

During the years it was open as a hostel people were viciously attacked by unseen presences; in some cases these attacks resulted in hospital visits.

Apparitions have been seen multiple times in the house; apparitions that are known for walking through walls. Doors have been reporting slamming shut and have actually hit people trying to go through door ways.

Rooms and sometimes large parts of the building have filled with the scent of decomposition. People have also reported the feeling of skin being penetrated by hundreds of needles.

A room on the main floor called the Dying Room has a habit locking and unlocking itself at will.