(Allen County War Memorial Hospital, Medical Center at Scottsdale, The Haunted Hospital, War Memorial Apartments)

33 Lex Carter Circle (99 Hillview Drive), Scottsville, KY

(270) 237-9285

Status: Former Hospital, Formerly Abandoned, Former Tourist Attraction, Low Income Apartments


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This hospital was built in the late 1940’s/early 1950’s and opened in 1952 with 31 beds for patients.

It was run by the County Government for 43 years – until 1993 - until it was sold to The Medical Center in Bowling Green. Three years after the purchase The Medical Center was moved to a new location and this building was abandoned.

The new owner ran the location as a haunted attraction during the Halloween season.

In 2019 it converted into low apartments for veterans.


Paranormal Activity

It is said more people died here than in any other place in the County; so many that proper records were not kept. A chilling statistic, for sure, but the fact that for a lot of years it was the only place people could go when they were injured, sick, dying or dead is the real cause for the large numbers.

For many of the years this hospital served as the County morgue – although calling it a morgue is overly optimistic as these were unrefrigerated rooms near the ER and Operating Theater. Bodies were kept here, often overnight, until they were transported to Louisville – for an autopsy – or to a funeral home.

The most famous ghost is that of Dr Meredith who is said to have become so fascinated with the patients in the mental ward to the point where he ignored his duties in the rest of the hospital. In the 1960’s it is said he was removed from his position by the State Medical Board but ended up dying of natural causes in the hospital in the mid-1970’s. Many believe his soul has been trapped in the building since.

While the hospital was still operational there were many reports of paranormal activity which was – somewhat jokingly – blamed on Dr Meredith. These included: people being locked in rooms; objects moving on their own or disappearing; doors slamming shut on their own; puddles of water mysteriously appearing; disembodied voices and crying; feelings of being watched and phantom sounds of babies crying in the maternity ward when no one was present.

Apparitions and shadow figures of both former staff and patients were still seen in the rooms, halls and looking out of the windows of the building it was abandoned. The ghost of a little girl in a flowered dress was the apparition seen most often.

While there haven’t been any reports yet since the building was converted to apartments the following activity was reported while the building was abandoned: light anomalies including unexplained bright flashes; disembodied voices and screams; mysterious mists; objects moving on their own including doors opening and closing on their own; feelings of being watched, not wanted, not being alone and unease; touches, tugs and pulls by unseen presences and phantom sounds of babies crying in the former maternity ward.

Testimonial By Cody

I have recently come to stay with a relative here. And since I've been here I am unable to sleep which I've never had a problem with .. extremely fatigued and such unbelievable anxiety that I thought I would go crazy. But as soon as I leave, even in a car ride it's as if I'm back to normal. Even before I knew the stories of the place, I would hear creaking and popping that usually can be attributed to an old building settling. It's a very similar sound to that but not exactly the same. I'm not one that usually believes in such things but after hearing the noises I decided to look the place up online just to check the buildings age. It's absolutely freezing in certain places..and not just cold but a different type of cold. The hallways have motion sensor lights so they are always dark unless someone walks through then turn off again immediately when they walk by it enter their apartment. Sometimes the lights come on for nothing. Sometimes I see water on the floor for no reason. I don't know, it doesn't feel bad or evil or whatever but yes, there is something definitely here.