Asylum 49

Old Tooele Hospital

140 East 200 South Tooele, UT

(385) 313-0698

Status: Former Residence; Former Poor House; Former Hospital; Former Old Age Home; Haunted Attraction


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The original structure at this location was a private residence built by Samuel F Lee in 1873. The Lee family lived here until 1913 and it was then sold to the County.

The County converted the house into a residence for poor elderly people who had no where else to go. Locals referred to it as the County Poor House.

In 1953 a hospital was opened on the site. Details are a bit sketchy, but it looks as if the Army owned the property previously – probably during World War II – and the hospital was opened in a converted Army Surplus Depot.

In the 1990’s a new modern hospital was constructed in Tooele and this building was closed down in 2000. From that point it was known as the Old Tooele Hospital.

It was used as an old age nursing home after the hospital was shut down.

In 2006 Kimm Anderson bought the building and created Asylum 49 a haunted house attraction which is still operating today. It was originally only open during the Halloween season.

In 2007 the first paranormal investigation by the Utah Ghost Organization at the invitation of Kimm’s wife.


Paranormal Activity

Stories of paranormal activity date back to the days of the hospital although they were hushed up. Hauntings weren’t so trendy in those days and most people who admitted encounters were labelled as crazy.

The staff kept their stories amongst themselves.

No paranormal investigations were done until 2007 when the owner’s wife invited a team in.

There is said to be an actual vortex in the building which mocks the famous “bright light” that attracts the newly dead to the ‘Other Side”. It is unknown where this vortex exits but the assumption is no place good as a nurse called “Maria” guards the entrance and redirects souls away.

This information was gained by a medium on site.

Another known ghost here is that of a patient named Wes who passed away after a battle with Alzheimer’s. Per another medium he remains in his confused state and is trapped by a dark entity that is unwilling to release it’s prize. Attempts to cross Wes over have all failed.

Samuel Lee – the owner of the original house on the site – is said to remained after death and now walks the halls of the former hospital. Lee’s son Thomas – estimated to be between 6 and 8 years old – also remains and can be generally be found with his father. Thomas is considered a playful ghost and has been known to play little jokes on investigators.

There are numerous other ghosts that have been communicated with in the building. Uncountable people have breathed their last inside of the doors.

Numerous examples of audio, photographic and video evidence of the paranormal has been captured here.

Other reported activity: apparitions; shadow figures; time and dimensional slips; disembodied voices; phantom footsteps and other unexplained sounds; light anomalies; objects moving on their own; touches, pushes and pulls by unseen entities; empathic sensations of sadness, anger, loss and happiness and feelings of being watched, being followed and not being alone.