On C. 8 Between C. 63B and C. 63C

Cortés Sarmiento

Status: Former Medical Clinic; Abandoned


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This medical clinic operated for at least 3 decades and is said to have been closed down due to legal complaints that abortions were taking place here.

Records do prove that over 500 illegal abortions did take place here and that was the reason for the closure. It would appear that just prior to or in early 2007 this location ceased to act as a medical clinic but still had staff on site.

The stories say it was not fully abandoned until 2009.


Paranormal Activity

In 2007 two police officers entered the building at night and reported the sounds of babies crying – many believe this is the aborted fetuses but fetuses don’t make noise so its probably from babies who died while in the hospital – and also the anguished cries of women. The women’s cries may well be from women who died during botched abortions. The building was confirmed empty at the time; well empty of the living.

There are records proving women did die during abortions.

This paranormal activity has been reported many times since and the cries and crying can be heard outside of the building as well.

Objects have also been thrown at people who have entered the abandoned building.

In 2011 a Mexican paranormal show did an investigation here and reported all the paranormal activity documented above. They also reported that the doctor who did the abortions was there in spirit and expressed regret at his actions; only one problem, the doctor was still alive at the time.

They reported a mural was broken by the ghosts while they were there; again, only issue the mural had been broken for 6 years at the time. Then they really went overboard with tales of demons and aliens.

Suffice it to say this location has been blown up to Urban Legendary level with no proof. Only the original activity – see above – has actually been documented here.