East Side of Call Hollow Road Between Camp Winaki Road and Anthony J Morina Drive

Stony Point, Rockland County

Status: Historical Cemetery


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Every patient who died while under the “care” of the Letchworth Village Rehabilitation Center whose family did not claim their remains between 1914 and 1967 is buried here. They number over 900 and they are stories claiming there are many more buried in unmarked graves.

Many of them are children, yet all they were given to remember them was a metal T with a number printed on it.

In 2007 a plaque was erected at the site which gives a name of everyone buried here. This exists only because volunteers painstakingly went over years of hospital records matching names to numbers.

The inscription on the memorial is both simple and thought provoking “Those Who Shall Not Be Forgotten”.

The cemetery is owned and cared for by the City of Stony Point. Relatives can erect head stones at their expense over their loved ones remains but as of 2021 most of the graves are still marked only by their number. The volunteers who care for the cemetery leave many mementos on the graves – including toys for the lost souls of the children.

One question stands out from all the others. Why did the institution with access to a massive campus bury their patients over a mile away in dense woods? What were they hiding? I fear the answer is both obvious and terrible.


Paranormal Activity

The apparitions of children – and a few adults – have been seen; usually in the surrounding woods and less often in the cemetery itself. They are said to be very solemn and just watch the visitors to the cemetery. Many of the children are just as shy as they were in life and hide their faces when their gazes are met.

Contrary – frankly completely opposite – to the Letchworth Village site the energy here is almost calming. Almost as if, despite being buried like some dirty secret, the souls here finally found some peace they never found while alive.

Or maybe it’s the love given to the lost souls that they never received from their families and caregivers.

Other Activity: electrical disturbances; disembodied whispers; light anomalies and feelings of not being alone.