2445 Old Penitentiary Road, Boise, ID

(208) 334-2844

Status: Former Penitentiary; Historical Site; Open 12pm - 4pm Daily; Scheduled Paranormal Investigations


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When this institution was built in 1870 as a territorial prison it only consisted of one cell block. Over the years it was expanded greatly to include a death row, gallows and a solitary confinement area called “Siberia”.

Most of the construction was done by the convicts themselves. Its history includes many riots, mostly due to the living conditions, but in 1973 one riot did $100,000 worth of damage and the facility was closed down in December of that year.

The area now known as the Rose Garden is where 6 of the 10 executions that took place in the prison were done.

The old penitentiary is now managed by the Idaho State Historical Society and is open to the public.  


Paranormal Activity

A feeling of intense sadness and dread when approaching death row. This has become so serious for some people that they had to leave before becoming physically ill. A feeling of heaviness is also felt through the prison complex.

The phantom footsteps of guards on patrol are still heard echoing through the hallways. Wails of grief are still heard in the prison. The explanation for these hauntings is thought to be from the tremendous energy this site absorbed during its long history.

This facility is often described as the most haunted location in the state.