(Riley Park Health Care Centre)(Riley Park Village)

1408 8th Avenue NW, calgary, ab

(403) 282-9838

Status: Former Hospital, Former Women’s Health/Maternity Clinic, Being Repurposed


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Grace Hospital was opened in 1926 as part of the Salvation Army’s system of caring for unwed mothers.

Many women, with no where else to turn, were helped over the decades at Grace. Grace became known as the best maternity hospital in the city – much more peaceful with a family like setting. In 1996 it was closed by the Provincial Government citing rising costs and budget issues.

Four million dollars was collected in 1994 to keep the hospital open but in the end but was ultimately stopped due to low admissions. Despite the Government’s efforts to make the former hospital into one of the clinics designed to replace Calgary General – which they had also closed down – the supporters won and it was changed to a women’s health centre.

The site was up and running as late as 2020 but is now listed as permanently closed with plans to convert the site into senior’s housing.


Paranormal Activity

The former hospital’s maternity ward is said to be haunted by Maudine Riley; whose family owned the land the hospital is built on. She is said to have died during childbirth with the baby also not surviving.

She is often enough seen in the building – most commonly in the delivery room she ‘died’ in – with her apparition always holding her baby in her arms. She is also said to be responsible for banging on pipes and other poltergeist activity.

There are far too many consistent reports of paranormal activity in the old hospital to be dismissed. Like most hospitals, it is very likely that this building is haunted; but not be Maudine Keen Riley. Maudine did not die in childbirth.

Maud went to school and became a teacher, got married and had 3 children – none of which died being born. Maud went on to be one of historical pioneers in women’s rights and social work in Alberta history.