600 Exchange Road, Ogden, UT

Status: Former Office Building, Former “Haunted House” Attraction, Abandoned


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Construction began on this grand building in 1930 and it was opened in 1931. It had been built to replace another smaller exchange office when the stockyard business began booming.

It functioned as offices for both the stockyards and the railroad. In its heyday it boasted a soda fountain, a shower room and a barber shop.

By the 1950’s the stockyard business had significantly decreased and trucks were replacing trains as the major force for moving goods. In early 1971 the stockyards closed and the building was no longer needed for offices.

From 1971-74 a trade school was run out of the building. The school was replaced by an outpatient mental health clinic and a methadone clinic called Weber Mental Health. Despite rumors it was never used as an inpatient asylum and there were certainly no experiments conducted on people here.

Weber closed down in 1987 and the building was abandoned. The area became targeted by vandals and teenagers after that. Two other buildings on the site were burned to the ground; probably by arson.

From 2005 for about 9 to 10 years the building operated as a “haunted house” attraction. A fake name and history was made up to make the tourist attraction scarier. This is probably where the haunted insane asylum stories come from.

Since then, the building has been boarded up and abandoned again. It is now part of a refurbishment plan of the entire area and hopefully will find some new use soon.


Paranormal Activity

There are only 2 recorded deaths on the property; both by natural causes – heart attacks. The stories of a triple homicide and numerous suicides appear to be nothing more than made up stories and Urban Legends.

That being said there are enough reports of paranormal activity that it is quite likely this building may actually be haunted albeit for more mundane reasons then some of the stories going around.

Reported paranormal activity:

The apparition of a little girl has been seen on the stairs.

Phantom screams have been heard coming from the building.

Misty faces are seen looking out of the windows of the empty building.