(Odd Fellows Home District)(Belvoir Winery)

Odd Fellows Road, Liberty, MO

Status: Former Hospital, Former Old Age Home, Former Orphanage, Partially in Ruins, Partially Repurposed, Private Property


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The Independent Order of Odd Fellows was formed in the United States in 1819 based on an order formed in England in the 18th century. Its mission is to provide shelter for those who cannot take care of themselves – the elderly with no financial means, destitute widows and orphaned children.

In 1835 they moved into Missouri and by the end of the 19th century they had built the Oddfellows Home on 240 acres of grounds. The buildings included a hospital, an old age home, a school and an orphanage.

There is also a small room that acts as an Odd Fellows museum with artifacts. Much is made of the skeleton of a former member of the Order although this is a common practice for the Odd Fellows. The bones are used as part of a secret initiation ceremony apparently as a reminder of our impending mortality – all members who donate their bodies to science come back to the Order as bleached skeletons once their usefulness to science is done.

It is unclear when the Oddfellows completely closed down this facility; probably sometime in the 1990’s. The Nursing Home was built in the 1950’s and by 1955 there were no longer any children on the property. Around this time the old school building was demolished.

The former orphanage has been repurposed by the owners of the site and now contains a winery and an inn. The remaining buildings have been badly damaged both by vandals and the climate and are in a partially ruined condition.

The grounds may be walked during the hours that the Winery is open but no one may enter the buildings unless they are on an official paranormal investigation.


Paranormal Activity

In October ghost hunts are held on the property by the owners.

In the former storm shelter there’s a ghost of a little boy named Matthew. Reports indicate he likes to communicate with investigators and is sometimes with another ghost named Mark. It is said the orphans used to hide here to avoid their chores.

In the former nursing home is the ghost of an elderly lady who frequently complains about her meds not being on time. An old lady is also heard singing.

In the former orphanage – now Winery and Inn – the orphaned children still play with disembodied laughter heard as well as the apparition of a little boy in a red shirt, blue pants and brown boots.

The ghostly sound of children singing “ring-around-the-rosie” has been heard. Children are also heard running up and down the staircase and through the halls.

In the old hospital people have become dizzy and physically ill. Growling has been heard. Feelings of unease and not being wanted are frequently reported as well. People have also been touched by unseen presences; everything from a friendly hug to being roughly grabbed by the shoulders.

There have been a couple of cases of possible possession in the hospital as well.