248 Oakland Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA

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Status: Historical Cemetery; Open 9am - 530pm Daily

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This historic cemetery opened in 1850. It was originally only 6 acres and called both the Atlanta Graveyard and the City Burial Place. In 1872 the name was changed to Oakland Cemetery and the size had been increased to 48 acres; mainly due to the large number of fatalities from the Civil War.

In the late 19th Century, the Cemetery was tended by families of the deceased and it became so well known for its gardens and beauty that it became a favorite place for Sunday afternoon carriage rides. Unfortunately, this began to change in the 20th Century and by the 1970’s the Cemetery had become filled with weeds and dilapidated grave markers.

 In 1976 the Cemetery became listed on the National Register of Historic Places which prompted a clean up and restoration of the grounds.

Today, once again, people can walk through the grounds – sans horse and carriage – and admire the beauty and gardens.

The cemetery even hosts concerts within the grounds.

27 Atlanta Mayors, 6 Georgia Governors and 4 Confederate Generals are buried here. As well, this is the final resting place of both Margret Mitchell - author of Gone With The Wind and the celebrity singer and songwriter Kenny Rogers.


Paranormal Activity

Although this cemetery is widely thought of as one of the most haunted places in Georgia the paranormal activity is generally limited only one section of the original cemetery. That being the Confederate section.

There are numerous Confederate officers and soldiers buried here with their own gravestone but many were buried unnamed; and they were buried together with unnamed Union soldiers. Many think the Civil War is still being fought here due to the mix of soldiers from both sides.

The ghost of a Union soldier has been seen hanging with his face down from a tree. Numerous Confederate soldiers have been seen moving through the graveyard. Phantom sounds of battle have been reported.

Perhaps most frightening of all a ghostly roll call has been heard with soldiers calling out, “here” and a few witnesses have reported hearing their own names called out.

Other activity: unexplainable mists, light anomalies, phantom footsteps, feelings of being watched and stark temperature drops.

The Cemetery runs a Halloween Tour every year.