(Norwich State Hospital for the Insane, Norwich Hospital)

CT-12, Norwich, CT

Status: Abandoned Hospital Complex; Partially Demolished; Remaining Structures Unsafe


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This institution opened in 1904 and closed with a reduced staff in 1996.

This site expanded from 1 building on 100 acres on the Thames River to over 30 building and covering over 900 acres. Like most contemporary institutions of the time by 1930 the complex had become entirely self-sufficient as well as over crowded.

By the 1970’s, as both patient and employee populations began to decrease, one of the old buildings was shut down every time a newer building was opened up. By the 1980’s most buildings on the campus were either abandoned or use for storage.

The campus housed the mentally ill as well as the criminally insane.

During its operational years, at different times TB patients, geriatric patients and chemically dependent patients were also housed here. It is still owned by the state although the town of Preston is responsible for a large part of the former campus There are many rumors of patients being mistreated to the point of torture here.

After its closure the hospital was sold to the towns of Preston and Norwich for 1 dollar. There were many proposals for the land including a hotel, a theme park and a movie studio but all of the plans fell apart; generally due to financial issues.

As of August, 2021 all buildings on the Preston side have been demolished, tunnels collapsed and roads ripped up. Only 3 historically significant buildings were spared; including the Administration Building.

Paranormal Activity

Apparitions of children and former patients and staff. Intense cold spots have been felt on even the warmest summer days. Phantom voices, moaning and mumbling has been heard. Phantom beeps have been heard in the room where lobotomies where once performed. One room in particular the sound of a woman crying has been heard.

Other activity: light anomalies; mysterious mists; feelings of unease and not being wanted; touches by invisible sources; objects moving on their own and electrical disturbances.